Tony Moran, Nicki Richards and Zhana Roiya tribute to Orlando victims

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Three of the biggest names in club music are sending love to Orlando with their release of a new song to help victims of the Pulse nightclub shootings. Tony Moran, Nicki Richards and Zhana Roiya are uniting on a remake of “High”, the inspirational track about rising above adversity, originally recorded by The Lighthouse Family. The song has long been a celebrated LGBT anthem and now the trio has created a dance remix sure to have you up on the dancefloor.

Except for writer and publishers fees, all proceeds will go to the Pulse Victims Fund to benefit the victims of the Orlando attack.

“Pulse nightclub was a safe haven and hub for the LGBTQ community to gather with family and friends, indulge themselves in the rhythms and to create lasting memories filled with joy and laughter,” says Tony Moran from his home in New York. “How it all changed in an instant is still a shock. June 12 will forever be a dark day for the LGBTQ community.” Tony Moran

49 people were killed and 53 were injured in the attack, making it the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in US history.

“I knew it was the perfect track to re-make after the Orlando tragedy,” explains Moran. “It’s a beautiful reminder that love conquers all and when the community bands together, we can rise as high as the sky.”

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Zhana Roiya, Tony Moran and Nicki Richards

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