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Yes it is literally almost Christmas. DO NOT PANIC because parents fluster too. You might even be able to convince them (I mean Santa…) for a few extra presents. Here is a short list of last minute ideas:


Britney Spears – Britney Jean

Britney has released her eighth studio album titled Britney Jean.

With two singles out Work Bitch and Perfume, you could already own one fifth of the album. If you were desperate for a follow up to Scream and Shout, an over produced duet with features on the album. It will probably not satisfy your music taste despite being produced by Guetta.

Lyrics are pretty cliché on this album, especially in Til It’s Gone. A duet with her sister Jamie Lynn is a nice thought, but unspectacular.

This album is underwhelming as any recent Britney album, redeemed for my personal love of Perfume’s subject matter and the first track Alien. This album does not work…bitch.

2 out of 5 Jingle Bells.

One Direction – Midnight Memories

The third album by the undeniably hottest boy band in years. Is the music good enough to stand on its own without visuals?

New track Diana sounds just like Last First Kiss from their second album. Midnight Memories recently sung at the X-Factor final sounded better live, but shows how they are maturing away from a squeaky clean image and onto more black, facial hair and tattoos. Yes One Direction are trying to go rock’ n roll.

The boys have talent. Lead singles Best Song Ever and Story Of My Life, prove that they know their target audience, the album tracks show that they know that they are growing up and so are their audience. Happily is a great anthem and everyone is likely to have a different favourite track on the album.

4 out of 5 Christmas Lights. (Someone let it down on the vocals… no names)

Olly Murs – Right Place Right Time (Special Edition)

Is there ever an excuse to release a third edition of an album? Murs adds seven tracks to the original short ten tracks. There has already been a deluxe edition of ‘Right Place Right Time’ which originally added four tracks. He also features on Robbie William’s new album.

The special edition also includes a DVD with footage from the tour live from The O2 Arena. Big Murs fans will appreciate the extra disc probably more than the CD.

This album was good the first time around, but the singles have been better from his previous albums. For those who are hard-core fans or have been waiting for a good enough reason to buy this album, here it is. With a large collection of singles, the familiar tracks will have you dancing through until the New Year.

The album is showcased alongside most recent single Hand on Heart.

3 and a half out of 5 Mince Pies.

JLS – Goodbye – The Greatest Hits

It is slightly questionable whether or not JLS had enough hits for a greatest hits album. It was a nice excuse for a final track with Billion Lights.

The recent electro-dance tracks have been underwhelming parts of their career. Most of the tracks were half forgotten. I could not bring to mind songs like The Club Is Alive and Take a Chance on Me.

Aston’s dancing has grown a little bit old now and the lack of talent throughout the rest of the band could not justify any more music by these boys.

Never mind the negatives, there are some old gems on the album including Beat Again, Everybody in Love and Eyes Wide Shut. For that reason the boys are redeemed and all in pop-music is forgiven.

2 and a half out of five Twinkling Stars.

That is it. Those are your last minute ideas, albums you may have forgotten or just simply ignored. If Santa gets you Shane Filan’s album in your stocking it is not my fault. However, if you have an ounce of Christmas spirit, perhaps you will ask for his album. The poor guy is broke and the asking price of his mansion has recently been slashed by €90k. Ouch…

Merry Christmas to all! Since it is the season of giving, perhaps you will even give one of these to someone you care about.

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