TRADE 2WENTY 4OUR Interview: Filterheadz

Reggie Myers

Good afternoon, Bert and Maarten. Where and how are you both today?

Even though it’s a very sunny day here in Belgium, we are at work in the studio. New tracks and remixes are in the works!

You headlined for TRADE at the recent Summer Rites festival in London, how was the experience?

That was a really great gig! Very cool venue and such a great crowd. And also a special word of thanks to the organizers, who were very welcoming!

Does being brothers cause any problems in the DJ box? 

Nothing too serious. We’ve been doing this together for more than 10 years now, so we developed a pretty good understanding of where to take a set at any moment.

Can we expect some exclusive new productions and remixes in your set at TRADE’s birthday?

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For sure! We have several new and unreleased tracks that we will showcase during our TRADE set.

What are your current Top 3 tracks?

‘Alive’ by Filterheadz (Bitten Records) – a fun, energetic track with rolling drums and some cool vocal chants, and our forth coming release on Bitten records.

‘Reverse World’ by Jay Lumen (Octopus) – this one has a really cool vibe that reminds us of 90’s DJ Sneak sets but still sounds very current at the same time.

‘Los Hijos Del Sol 2014’ – Tomaz vs Filterheadz (Loopglow) – this has been our secret weapon for a few months now. We are really looking forward to releasing this as it’s a new version of one of our biggest tracks. It has all the elements of the original reworked in a fresh update! and due on our own label Loopglow.

Don’t miss Filterheadz spinning TRADE Modern at TRADE 2WENTY 4OUR: The Longest Birthday at Egg London on Saturday, October 25th. TRADE 2WENTY 4OUR will celebrate The TRADE Collective’s 24th birthday starting at 2pm with no definite ending time.

Other performers include DJ Pagano, Tom Stephan, Daz Saund, and Hannah Holland among many others.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at or won through our contest. Check here for more details.

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