Warpaint – ‘Warpaint’ reviewed.

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Four years after their debut, LA quartet return with the second offering of psychedelic art rock. The first disc was captivating and truly original, the melodic qualities of the girl’s vocal coupled with the ethereal riffs that ran throughout made Warpaint a cult favourite and they gained a loyal following quickly. They took their time creating the second self titled album and there is no doubt is just as masterful.

There is room for experiment on this LP, the defragmented R & B riff of ‘Biggy’ is reminiscent of early 2000 Snoop whilst ‘Disco/Very’ is a dance track to soundtrack a party that Oh Land & Palma Violets would attend in the secret suburbs of New York, it simply oozes attitude. It could be placed on an M.I.A album and be unsuspected which shows that the niche sound the girls have created can be versatile enough to span genres.

There are still example of the classic stylings, ‘Go In’ has freestyle jazz elements which is reminiscent of ‘Bees’ whilst ‘Keep It Healthy’ is drenched in those synonymous riffs and whispered vocals mixed with pained howls. ‘Feeling Right’ is an album high point as this somber ballad takes on an aggressive tone with heightened percussions and warped melodies. ‘Drive’ is a successful album closer with a slow building crescendo before the barrage of guitar creates a psychedelic frenzy that is sure to be impressive when performed onstage.

The real high point is the promotional single ‘Love is To Die’, a beautiful balance between classic Warpaint and an experimental nature which is evident in the fractured chorus. This track passes by blissfully yet leaves the same devastating damage that the predeceasing ‘Undertow’ achieved as it makes you want to re-listen so you can appreciate every single note and chord. The cult band manage to achieve perfection twice and with a fan base who have been anticipating this for a very long time, they have set 2014 off to an incredibly positive start.

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