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Sean Weaver

Music has always played a role in my life: from musicals and choirs, to learning guitar on my own, just jamming out in my car on random drives around town, and finally, when I am writing. The songs I’ve chosen from my playlist are random, but they each have a special place in terms of how music has impacted my life. Music I believe tells a story. So, here are a few songs from my playlist with the stories behind my choice for sharing them.

Alanis Morissette: Hand in My Pocket

When I was young kid on the verge of teendom, I wanted a stereo with a cassette player – capable of recording songs off the radio via the infamous mixed tape. All the cool kids had one. I begged, screamed, cried, and beseeched my parents to get me a stereo cassette player. My life depended on in it. Needless to say, they did buy me one for my birthday, but neglected to get me cassettes to go with it.

Although not quite yet a teen, I had a bit of a rebellious streak that would manifest itself in the years to come. My mother had a cassette tape she would play when she drove us to my dad’s house for the weekend. A crooning, raspy, woman sang of love, irony, and well just what it means to not really give a fuck.  Naturally, I took the cassette from my mom and listened to it day and night.

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Enter Alanis Morissette’s album Jagged Little Pill. Isn’t it ironic that, I, who wanted to be like everyone else, would identify with Miss Morissette?

It wasn’t until years later that I realised the power behind Morissette’s lyrics:

What it all comes down to

Is that everything’s gonna be quite alright

 ’cause I’ve got one hand in my pocket

 And the other one is flicking a cigarette

 And what it all comes down to

 Is that I haven’t got it all figured out just yet

 ’cause I’ve got one hand in my pocket

 And the other one is giving the peace sign 

Everything will be alright because, yes, no one has it figured out. Give the world that peace sign and keep on walking with the other in your pocket. Plus, I think this album made me the queer feminist that I am today.

Third Eye Blind: I Want You


Although, many would know this band for their infamous song, ‘Semi Charmed Life,’ I couldn’t make a ‘What’s Your Playlist’ without including Third Eye Blind. Their self titled album peaked during my Middle/High school years, and while I love ‘Semi Charmed Life’, I like this song more. Perhaps for the lyrics, but more so for the nostalgia this song ignites–of first crushes, dances, the girl you wanted to impress because she was your best friend but you secretly knew you were gay.

The suckers loose themselves

 In the games they learn to play

 Children love to sing but

 Then their voices slowly fade away

That’s why I like you around

 I want you

 Oh you do you do…

 You make me want you


You want to know how deeply my soul goes

 Deeper than bones

 Deeper than bones

 And I can’t get enough

Love surprises us, and when it first hits you, you can never get enough. It’s a super chill song, but one that takes me back to those middle school days.

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Our Last Night: Same Old War

I recently came across this band last year when I was writing my thesis. I was looking for a heavy rock feel, with a side of punk to get me through those endless hours of writing. Needless to say, when I need to be pumped up I listen to them.

While they have some pretty cool covers of recent pop songs that they punkify, I connected to this song right away. The heavy guitar riffs, overlaid with strong vocals, piano and steady drums, gives this song a killer feel. The music is great, but I think this song has a message for those who have no idea what it feels like to suffer from depression or any other illness:

I’ve been fighting the same old war,

 Against a disease, without a cure!

 Been holding on for so long! For so long. For so long!

 I’ve been wishing upon a star, if my universe falls apart!

 I feel so far from the sky, as my dreams, are going by!

 And They say, it’s a battle that can’t be won!

 We need our knives, we need our guns!

 Should I run away, and change my name?

 O Should I, stay and fight through the night, and never close my eyes?

 I’ll never close my eyes!

Stay strong, keep moving, can’t let the darkness blind us!

 Carry on, we’ll be the ones to pull the stars down to us

Depressions is like an endless war, but carry on, and you can face your illness head on.

These guys have an EP out called Oak Island out.  Give it a listen, and I promise you won’t be disappointed if semi-punk tattooed hotties are what you are after.

Maroon 5: Sugar


This song comes from Maroon 5’s newest album V. What can I say? It’s my favorite track. I like the sound and feel of this song. Kind of reminds me of Prince, but the coolest part about this song is that it was recorded old school. The drums, vocals, and guitar were each individually recorded by each track, and then stacked,cut, and overlaid together. It seems that Adam and his band have recaptured the old days of funky pop. Not to mention, who doesn’t like a song about the sticky sweet nature of sex?

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 Yes please

 Won’t you come and put it down on me

 Oh right here, cause I need

 Little love a little sympathy

 Yeah you show me good loving

 Make it alright

 Need a little sweetness in my life


 Yes please

 Won’t you come and put it down on me

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I sing this one with the windows down, speakers blaring, and the sun shining. Mr. Levine, I’d be glad to put some sugar down on you. But you’re married, and I know it could never be.

Bastille: Poet

The final track on my playlist comes from my favourite act – after Maroon 5 of course.

I like this song simply because Bastille has a way with words. He’s a great lyricist. As a writer, I can appreciate the way he put into words his love. The lyrics are elegant, while set to a driving beat that is prevalent within his music. The song also captures the struggles writer’s face when we try to articulate our deepest desires:

Your body lies upon the sheet,

 Of paper and words so sweet.

 I can’t say the words,

 so I wrote you into my verse.

 Now you’ll live through the ages,

 I can feel your pulse in the pages.

 I have written you down

 Now you will live forever

 And all the world will read you,

 And you will live forever

 In eyes not yet created

 On tongues that are not born

 I have written you down

 Now you will live forever

I envy Bastille for putting into words a song that is just … well … brilliant.

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Sean Weaver is a blogger, writer, and reader. He is a graduate student at Kutztown University, Pa studying English. Bodies and sexualities are his expertise. He spends his time being somewhat neurotic about the clothes he wears, the books he reads, the endless papers he writes, and his next hair cut. Queer is his middle name.