What’s On Your Playlist 22/01/2018

John Preston

Human, Kimbra

Kimbra has returned with dense and articulate rhythms matched by adventurous and dominant percussion and ‘Human’, the third song heard from her forthcoming album Primal Heart, also boasts a strong melodic simplicity. This only reinforces the sense that this complex reincarnation will be the one where Kimbra really hits her stride.

TopBrazil, Fischerspooner

Fischerspooner have always been hilariously pretentious and are best known for famously flopping after being hailed the superstars of the electroclash scene. They haven’t released new material for 8 years and return with a look that borrows heavily from boystown clone culture mixed with an emotional transparency. TopBrazil is a ludicrous and sexy synth riot.

Queen, Tracey Thorn

‘Am I queen? A magisterial has-been’ asks a weary Tracey Thorn in a line that is one of the best heard so far in the admittedly very early days of 2018 and which will doubtlessly remain the case towards its end also. Minor key electro-pop with the same melancholic hue that she excels at, Thorn’s smart return is a much needed tonic.

My, My, My! Troye Sivan

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Wonderful, unabashed pop from out gay Aussie Troye Sivan takes its sonic cues from current commercial radio but sticks in a big chorus that isn’t just a recycled drop. Stylish and interesting, Sivan makes music that matches his effortless image as a pop star that really understands how to make an impression that lasts.

New York-Kelly Lee Owens remix, St. Vincent

These two formidable artists bring out the nasty in one another as St. Vincent enlists UK producer and musician Kelly Lee Owens to reinterpret the on-off ballad from her superb Masseduction album from last year. New York is now a spare, snarling thumper which nudges Annie Clark ever closer to the dance floor proper.

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