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OK. Well, I would describe my musical taste as varied. However, I do tend to have a fair amount of euro/scandipop on my iPod. I don’t tend to listen to lyrics. I’m more of a sound person. For me, a good song will do one of two things. It will either send a rhythm running through my body which would try and make my heart change it’s beat to that of the song, or it would send a cold chill through my body and make my hairs stand on end.

I will endeaver to give you five, just five, on this scandipop playlist and boy is it a tough choice.

1: Danny Saucedo – Delirious

Incredibly good looking with an upbeat song that gets stuck in my head whenever I hear it. This is quite mellow for Saucedo, who’s known for his ‘pulsing floor- fillers’. He’s released two solo albums and three with boyband EMD. Widly respected and a renowned hard worker, I would strongly recommend more of his stuff.


2: Sanna Nielsen – Just Like That

Sanna Nielsen finaly won the right to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest this year after entering the Swedish selection Melodifestivalen with her song ‘Undo’.

I love this song for the pure sound of the piano in the background. Nielsen harmonises really well with this showing off the true power of her voice. I’m equally impressed with her performance in the freezing Swedish winter in this video.

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3: Eric Saade – Marching (In the name of love)

Having only listened to this song before, I found that this song had a strong message which, to me, sounded supportive to the LGBT community. The opening line caught my attention. The video dilutes, if not, spoils the image I had of this song in my mind.

4. Robin Stjernberg – Pieces

Another song where the piano is allowed to shine, complimented by the stringed instruments. Once again, I had not seen this video before and so this song for me was about pick yourself up after a personal tragedy. I find it to be a good pick me up when I’m down.

5. Alvaro Estrella – Bedroom

I shall end with the catchy, typical scandipop song. Cheesy, foot tapping which got stuck in my head from the first listen. It’s tongue in cheek lyrics make for an entertaining song.

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