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Ariana Grande ft. Zedd – Break Free

How can anyone not love a catchy pop tune, all packaged together with a saucy video? The song itself is very basic, in terms of her vocal range, but nevertheless, a strong chorus and memorable lyrics make this a winner. It’s perfect for my car when I need to up the tempo, even if I am stuck in a stream of traffic with people judging me and my lipsyncing abilities.

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Iconic, bold and full of angst, this song is everything to me when I need to release the toll of a bad day. Nirvana is one of my all time favourite bands, but this song encapsulates their meteoric rise to mainstream popularity. The soft melodic breaks followed by thrashing guitar riffs make this the perfect pumping anthem.

Avril Lavigne – Complicated

Ah Avril, the apple of my eye during college years. I’ve been listening to this loads lately, not just for sheer nostalgia, but the easy to listen to guitar displays. A great song for the drive home from work when you want the hint of nostalgia to perk you up.

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Chase & Status – End Credits

Mad as a box of tits, this song has soft ballad type verses with an underlying build up of tempo. When the chorus kicks in, I want to get out my glow sticks and thrash around. This song is a very aggressive song in its beat, speed and vocals, but I can’t get enough of it. It’s a great song for exercising, as it keeps my energy levels peaked.

Brandy – Almost Doesn’t Count

Oh hey Moesha…I mean Brandy! 🙂 Again, another track that brings a lot of memories back. It’s been a great listen when I’ve had those “feel sorry for myself” days. The ‘I’ll be alone forever and need a cat’ kind of song haha. Brandy has a beautiful silky voice, paired with a pretty ballad here. It also helps that I love a good sing along, and this is a very easy listen indeed.

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