What’s on Your Playlist: John Preston’s Current Top 5

John Preston

MGMT – Little Dark Age

Chilly synths and a dramatic, electro-pop chorus are much more in keeping with New Romantic 80’s pomposity than the Robert Smith, Camden-Goth revival video imagery. Is it a piss-take, an homage maybe or a deadly serious reinvention from the duo? Who cares when MGMT are having this much fun.

US Girls – Mad As Hell

Megan Remy is an underrated indie-pop artist who frequently incorporates a satirical, performance art aspect to her work. On Mad As Hell she flips the bird to patriarchy and its ongoing need for constant wars whilst the track itself is strangely sweet and swirls captivatingly, reminiscent of the earliest electronic disco tracks.

Taylor Swift – Gorgeous

So far Swifto has not hit the same the nerve with quite the same force as she did when premiering 1989, no surprise considering the slightness of the tracks heard thus far. Gorgeous is at least more sonically interesting and has a curious Brit-sound, kind of Lilly Allen meets a defanged Depeche Mode. And that chorus really does stick.

Lindstrøm feat. Frida Sundemo – But It Isn’t

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It’s Alright Between Us As It Is, Linstrøm’s thoughtfully diverse and melodic new album is wonderful in itself and this, Frida Sundemo lovely vocal cut from it, is a perfectly melancholic Autumn warmer. Hints of Italo-disco and the minor-key Abba synth cords on the middle-8 are as gorgeous as they are broken-hearted.


Fever Ray – To The Moon and Back

Karin Drejjer’s vocals are so instantly recognisable that it’s the first shock that this is the new Fever Ray, such is its accessibility and general sense of fun and lightness of touch. The second is that line at the end of the second verse. Like MGMT and US Girls, the accompanying video is an hysterical and perverse delight.

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