What’s on Your Playlist: Koby Levi

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Here are my top 5 songs on my playlist at the moment. I love my music and my favourite songs change every week, but these are what I am listening to at the moment.

The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

This has always been one of my favourite songs that has always been on my phone. I find it nice and chilled out and when you really listen to the words, it tells a story of a man who’s heart has been broken but cant let go.

Maroon 5 – Infatuation

All I can say about this song really is it reminds me of the feelings I have and have had in the past about certain people whether it be a relationship or crush. I love Maroon 5 as they are a band that has always stood out from others artists.

Boyce Avenue – Iris

I discovered Boyce Avenue on YouTube, and this was the first song of theirs I heard. They are absolutely amazing at acoustic covers, and I would urge anyone who hasn’t heard of them to check them out.

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Cake – Never There

My boyfriend Jesse introduced this particular one to me. It’s a bit alternative but it’s one of the first songs we had a dance to, well it sounded good after a few drinks.

The 1975 – Girls

I only recently found these guys, but I instantly took a liking to the. There is just something about them I find a bit quirky and really like, so much so I bought their album, which is a big thing for me as I usually just use Spotify.

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