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Rebecca Swarray

My choice of music is always dependent upon my mood and the way I’m feeling. Compiling this selection was a hard task because I’m such a music lover, but these songs reflect some of my favourite musical and vocal tastes.

Amerie – One Thing

This song holds a lot of special memories of being liberated and happy during my 20s, and it never fails to put me in a good mood. Produced by the same producer as Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy in Love’, it’s my party jam to dance to.

Jill Scott – It’s Love

This lady is one of my favourite vocalists and this song is the epitome of her ability to command a song. Sexy, classy and sultry, it’s Jill at her best. I love singing along to this track whenever I hear it. It demands your attention.


Mariah Carey- Vision of Love

Mariah is the one singer who influenced me to use my voice differently and try riffs and adlibs. This song is very special to me for many reasons. Simple production along with Mariah’s trademark powerhouse vocals make this song a timeless classic.

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Chaka Khan- I Know You, I Live You

This song is just a total feel-good classic and never fails to pick me up. Chaka’s undenibale sass and soul runs throughout, gliding over the sublime funk groove. This song has been sampled many times but quite notible by Jenny Burton on her amazing house track ‘Bad Habit’ in 2006.

Amy Winehouse – In My Bed

The songwriting of this song is pure genius and encapsulates the attitude and forthrightness of the late Amy. Sexy, jazzy vocals swung over a very similar beat to Nas’s 2003 hynoptic track ‘Made You Look’. This is Amy at her finest and her vocal is pure fire.

Rebecca Swarray is a performer, writer and vocalist from Manchester. She is a member of young and emerging LGBT+ writers’ and performers’ collective Young Enigma.


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