What’s On Your Playlist: Rhys Evans

Well guys, my first What’s On Your Playlist was going to have to happen sometime. I do apologise as you’re probably going to wonder what the hell I was thinking with some of these. I basically have everything from DJ music back when I was in year 8 to Beyoncé to heavy bass remixes of ‘Don’t You Worry Child’. It’s going to be emotional, so let’s get going…

The Game of Love and Unity – Shaggy, Rupee and Faye-Ann

My friend from primary school introduced me to this song in 2007 when it was announced that it would be the official World Cup song. 8 years later, I’m still going (Shout out to Ellen by the way.). You’ll never get enough of this song and if you set it as your alarm like I have, your day will never start badly.

Where We Belong – Lostprophets

I put this song on my iTunes when I went through my emo phase. It is still a guilty pleasure though. It made a comeback in my life when it was featured in the ending of Chalet Girl. Let’s face it. A film with this and Ed Westwick in it is bound to be phenomenal.

You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

OH MY GOD! I FORGOT THIS WAS ON HERE! I have the whole Fearless album. A Swifty and proud, the video for this is one of my favourite videos ever. Kanye West can bloody do one. This is brilliant. End of discussion.

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What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

I’m crying excessively here. It’s too hard to listen to this after the recent news. I’ve been to four concerts by these boys. The pain is still raw. Now to make the decision whether to turn up and cry or turn off and save the heartache.

Down – Studio 88

I ask that none of you judge me here, please. I used to go to BodyCombat classes when I was in college, and this was one of the exercise tracks. It really gets you in the mood! It’s literally so motivating. It now makes regular appearances on my pre-drinks playlists. Run on the spot guys. It is very Clubland isn’t it?