What’s on Your Playlist Round 2: Reggie Myers

Reggie Myers

Last summer, Vada Magazine had a weekly feature called What’s on Your Playlist where editors and contributors told readers what five songs were on their playlist right now. For the New Year, I’m going to bring that back so here are five songs I have on repeat right now; and songs you should too.

Brownstone – Party Wit’ Me

I admit I was crazy late on this song. Even though I am a 90s baby through and through, I sometimes have to play catch up on music released before ’96-97′. This song perfects the grown and sexy R&B girl group sound of the early 90s; and most importantly of all, it’s almost impossible not to groove to.


Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

I’m very 50/50 on modern pop music, but I absolutely love this song. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars rarely fail me with any of their work. From the multiple funk music influences in the 70s and 80s to the lyrical samplings of Trinidad James (listen to All Gold Everything and this song back to back), this song is a four and half minute long party.

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Rufus & Chaka Khan – Stay

A classic, ‘Stay’ from Rufus is one of the few songs in the world I never get tired of. Chaka Khan’s vocals are absolutely flawless, and you can feel every ounce of pensiveness that she feels as she tries to salvage her relationship, and let her lover know they are stronger together than they are apart. If you’ve never heard this song before, stop everything you’re doing and listen now. Don’t deprive yourself any longer!

Mary J. Blige – I Don’t Want To Do Anything

Another 90s song I was unaware of until recently, but damn I’m glad that changed. Off her What’s the 411? album, this Mary J. Blige features K-Ci from Jodeci who she was in a relationship with at the time. Although the world would find out all was not well in their relationship, they sounded like they were in paradise with each other. I could keep talking about the song and what it’s perfect for, but that might be a little inappropriate. But, once you hear the song for yourself, I’m sure you and I will be on the same wavelength.

D’Angelo – Another Life

My personal favorite from D’Angelo’s Black Messiah, Another Life is a beautifully composed ending to the album. Giving off the same live performance feel that was heard throughout Voodoo, D’Angelo pines away about getting together with an unattainable girl and how she would be with him if circumstances were different.

These are the five songs that I’ve had on repeat lately. Feel free to share with us what’s been on your playlist lately.

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About Reggie Myers

Reggie Myers is a writer and communications professional living in Philadelphia, Pa., where he graduated from Temple University. Music, television, film, books, video games, politics, and human sexuality are just a few of the many things that make him tick. When he's not working behind a computer screen, you can find him looking for new adventures, practicing photography, scheming ways to get to the front row of a concert, or scouring the corners of the internet for new music to put his friends on to. @reggieakil