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Stromae – Tous les Memes

My goals in life = that gender fluidity and those cheekbones.

A French genius that could very well be a better version of Lady Gaga.

Masia one – Warriors Tongue

A Singaporean woman rapper. A song with a proper beat. Did I mention she’s a woman?

Azalea Banks – 212

First time I heard this song I was in G-A-Y and I didn’t know what the words were. Imagine my shock when I decided to Google them. It’s now my favourite song to dance to.

Nagada Sang Dhol (film RamLeela)

This traditional graba song (a dance that originates from Gujrat in India).

Fun fact: Garba also mean ‘womb’. It’s a dance to celebrate the feminine form of the divinity. Plus Deepika Padukone is hot.


Nneka – Heartbeat

I can listen to this German-Nigerian singer with her seductive beats and distinctive voice all day. Believe me. I have.

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Tara writes poetry, short stories, plays and occasionally passive aggressive Tumblr posts. She’s British, she’s Muslim and she’s Bisexual. And before you ask, yes it is possible, British Muslims are very common.