Yolanda Ross on Whitney Houston’s rumored lesbian relationship

In anticipation of the Whitney Houston biopic due out next month, fans and viewers have gotten a sneak peek into how the alleged lesbian relationship between Houston and her longtime friend and assistant Robyn Crawford.

Yolanda Ross, who was slated to play Crawford back in June, recently spoke to The Wrap. She said the following about her process to embody Crawford’s character:

‘There were maybe three or four pictures of Robyn that I could find. And production couldn’t do much better – they found one tiny clip of her talking, just so I could get an idea.

‘So, it was taking what I could find out about their friendship and how long they knew each other, and that was it. So, I was just acting off emotions – what’s on the page and what these two people in this particular situation, how they would be acting and reacting to each other.’

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Ross goes on to explain this further.

‘Whether or not it was more than that in terms of them being a couple, we can’t say that because it was not confirmed. But I know that I could play the emotions — how I’d feel, if I was that close with somebody. And if then, they started seeing someone else. I think as a human, jealousy comes into mind … hurtfulness … all of these different emotions. And so they’re all played. As the actor playing them, I hit all those notes and felt all of them. I played it as somebody that loved another person.’

The film, which is being directed by Angela Bassett, is set to premiere on 17 January on Lifetime in America. And if this interview is an indication of what’s to come, then fans can expect this to be nothing like the Aaliyah movie which came out last month to disappointing reviews.