1 in 6 employees will be LGBT or disabled by 2020, BBC vows

The BBC has vowed that of its employees 1 in 6 will be LGBT or disabled, half will be women and 15 percent will be BAME by 2020.

A spokesperson for the BBC said, ‘We are making good progress in our work to make the BBC a truly diverse organization, but there’s more to do and we’re always keen to improve.’

The BBC is the world’s largest broadcaster with over 20,000 employees. Its output reaches over 265 million people worldwide.

In 2014, BBC Director General Tony Hall promised to make the broadcaster’s workforce more diverse. The House of Commons has also pushed for proportional representation at the nation’s broadcaster.

However, the BBC is already close to fulfilling its own requirements for women and BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) employees, who make up 48.5% and 13.1% of its staff.

Based on the results of its own 2010 survey, where 1.5 percent of the population identified as LGBT, the BBC is hoping to include a similar number within its workforce as a minimum. The remainder of the workforce will ideally comprise disabled people, as 16 percent of all UK adults are considered disabled.

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