10 Moments from Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer that made us go OMG!

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HBO have finally released a trailer for the upcoming sixth season of Game of Thrones, and as suspected it has broken the internet. Below we list the top 10 moments that made our jaw hit the floor.

He’s gone.


Well lets face facts here, we can be pretty sure that John Snow is not gone. If he is then I think I will join everyone else on Earth in screaming a massive Red Wedding-style WTF at the TV screen.

Is that a funeral pyre?


Game of Thrones has never before shied away from showing someone succumb to a grisly death; Stannis Baratheon however was an anomaly and maybe this is why we refuse to accept that he is dead. In his last moments he refused to deny who he was, simply telling Brinne to do her Duty and kill him. This funeral pyre would suggest that she did.

All of it was a lie.


Seen here getting out her boobs once again, the Lady Melisandre is seen early pontificating on her visions. ‘The great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie’. As readers of the books know, her visions tend to come true. Just not always as she interprets them.

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Everyone of us is poor and powerless.


The words of the High Sparrow seem to cut in very well with with Daenerys, seen marching into Vaes Dothrak as a slave, presumably. The Sparrow ends with ‘We can overthrow an empire’, a definite call back to Danny’s earlier seasons: she began as little more than an offering of her brother and rose to a Queen. Maybe it’s time for her to return and claim her families throne?

You are in the great game now.


‘And the great game is terrifying’. Very little from Tyrion but let’s be honest, a single frame would be enough. Peter Dinklage has undoubtably one of the best roles on television and we all love Tyrion. Left in Meereen to rule along side Varys at the end of last season, we can’t wait to see what he’s getting upto in season six.

Order your man to step aside.


Do we really need to say any more. Hello Robert Strong (Gregor Clegane).

I choose violence.


Lets face it, Cersei is the bitch we all love to hate. If she isn’t personally destroying her families legacy or trying to kill her little brother for reasons then we just don’t want to know. Expect more of the same this season, based on the above picture you can expect a few more intimate scenes of her and Jamie to follow.

The house of black and white.


The above scene is clearly in the house of black and white. However not long after this someone is seen jumping across balconies with a busy street below. We would bet a coin from Bravos that this is Arya Starks continued training to be a faceless man. Valero dohaeris.

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On your knees


Margery is seen on her knees in front of the High Sparrow, undoubtably begging forgiveness for her sins. This would probably be more impactful if we weren’t almost 100% sure that a few frames before she was the one getting her lesbian on…

The Nights King


So Bran seems to be having a meeting with the leader of the Others (White Walkers), not to mention he’s walking. The appearance of the Nights King was one of last season mosts chilling moments. Never again will anyone be able to raise there arms silently without instilling dread. We can’t wait to see more.

We could really only fit 10 moments, but here are some honourable mentions.

Sansa and Petyr – Nothing much here, just brooding, but you can bet a Gold Dragon Little Finger has a plan.

Lots of flashes of the Iron Born and even a quick view of Theon in battle.

War on the steps. It looks like Cersei may finally push Kings Landing into war and right outside the Sept of Balor no less.

‘I’ve never been much of a fighter. Apologies for what you are about to see.’ We love Lord Davos, he may not say what we always want to hear, but he’s always right.

Oh, alright – have a dragon.


You can see the full trailer here


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