11 Doctor Who Points to Get Excited Over

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Mondas CybermenI spent a lot of time considering whether to review this year’s Christmas Special after spending a long time talking about the disappointments of the last few years’ efforts. I decided in the end not to review it and just to say that it was bloody good, in-fact it is probably the best seen in some time. But since it was the sixth most watched show on BBC One on the day, with 7.6 million viewers and an additional 1.5 million on iPlayer in the following week, it seems somewhat pointless as you’ve probably already seen it.

So since you already know it’s good I thought we could move onto what’s to come this year and 11 amazing things to be excited for. Although I personally try to avoid spoilers there may be some below, so don’t say you haven’t been warned!


1 – Some classic villains are back. I love the return of villains and characters from the Classic Series. You should have seen my glee on Christmas Day when Ian McKellen said he was the Great Intelligence. So with that in mind, rumour has it that the Ice Warriors will make a most welcome return in a story penned by Mark Gatiss. This is a rumour, so it may be wrong but it would be lovely to see the Martians return after 39 years.

2 – Another Mark Gatiss penned script will see the return of the Victorian Gang – Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax. What’s not to love about this?

3 – Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS – The title of this story alone should be enough to get excited about and the pictures of this episode look amazing.

4 – Neil Gaiman, the legendary writer, returns to pen a brand new story after the massive success and the absolute brilliance of season six’s episode The Doctor’s Wife which I rank as my favourite episode of that season.

5 – Clara Oswin Oswald. On Boxing Day I had a long discussion with my boyfriend about how much we already loved the new companion. I make no bones about the fact that I never really attached with Amy. I loved Rory, but just something about Amy didn’t click with me. With only 2 episodes under her belt I think she may well replace Donna as my favourite new series companion.

6 – River Song. Now I don’t know this for certain as, like I said, I prefer to avoid spoilers. But rumour has it that the wonderful Professor will be back in this year’s season finale

7 – Silence will fall, or rather Silence must fall. It really bloody must as I’m sick of it so I’m hoping that it will all finally come to an end and we can move on.

8 – On Saturday November 23 Doctor Who will turn 50. Although nothing has been announced you can expect a weekend of shows in celebration and if not a weekend at least an evening.

9 – More Clara. Who in the universe is she and how has she died twice yet is still alive?

10 – Brand new Cybermen that may or may not be Mondasian Cybermen as opposed to the naff alternate Earth ones that have appeared in the series since it came back. Look at the banner image to see them.

11 – Fifty years of DOCTOR WHO. The series returns in April for 8 episodes and then returns for the 50th Anniversary in November with more episodes. Personally I’d like a multi Doctor episode with the villain being The Master or Omega but we shall have to wait quite some time to find out what’s coming.

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