14 epic moments from the True Blood season 7 trailer

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True Blood kicks of its seventh and final (SOB) season on June 22nd (in America. UK viewers have to wait a little longer until 7th July) and boy do HBO know how to whet their fans appetites. I’ve picked out 14 highlights from the tantalising teaser below, but as always spoilers are evident, so be wary if you don’t want to know what’s to come…

1 Walking Dead

The… Walking Dead?
Season six ended with a horde of hepatitis-V infected vampires advancing upon Merlotte’s and the producers have promised a swift culmination to this cliffhanger, as well as the death of a pivotal character within minutes of the season’s opening. Expect death and blood aplenty (well, this is True Blood isn’t it?) as well as heartache as someone bites the neck bullet. But who dies? My money is on Holly, Andy or Alcide.

2 Big Bad

Mr. Gus
Will Yun Lee stars at the new big bad this season, Mr. Gus. And with this being the final season anything goes. Literally, anyone can die, so don’t count on your favourite making it to the seasons end. True Blood has been pretty ruthless in the past after all. The big bads have been somewhat of a mixed bag in this show – Maryanne, Russell and Sarah were all fantastic, whereas René and Salomé were a bit rubbish – so time will tell how Mr. Gus goes down.

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3 Blood

Blood, blood and more blood
True Blood is renowned for its overuse of blood and gore and the final season promises to deliver more. But who is dead in the above image? Ginger? Holly? Sookie’s doppelgänger? The trailer is soaked in blood, so it’s going to be a gory affair…

4 Sookie Drunk

Drunk Sookie is the best Sookie of all
Who can forget Sookie’s deliciously camp “must be Thursday!” line from season 5? Well it looks as though we’re going to be treated to another drunken rant from Sookie this season. I can’t wait! A lot of fans find Sookie annoying and with this being the final season there’s always a possibility that Sookie could die before the final fade to black. But would the producers really be that cruel? I certainly hope not!

5 Ginger

Ginger screams
Nothing new here, but Ginger (who has finally been upgraded to the main cast!) screams (again!). She’s always there to make us laugh.

6 Jessica

Both Jessica and Bill have redemptive arcs this season as they try to protect Andy and his new daughter Adilyn, but the redemptive arc I’m most bothered about is whether Bill can regain Sookie’s trust. They were so good together! Also, I predict Jessica will sacrifice herself to save Adilyn (thus becoming one of the main deaths of the season) just after finally getting together with Jason. This stuff writes itself really.

7 Fairy

After an awful lot of build-up in seasons three through five, the fairy subplot all but fizzled out as Warlow took supper in season six, but I hope Sookie reunites with Hadley and Hunter, as well as discovering the full potential of her fairy powers. It certainly looks as though this is the case…

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8 Pam

Pam better survive, although I think she won’t
Another character I expect to die is Pam, although imagine the fan revolt if this ever happens. Eric (who is clearly still alive, despite all those thinking otherwise) and Tara will be devastated, but this would urge them on in the inevitable final battle. But, please, can we have more cunt-infested sassy one-liners before she goes?!

9 Fangtasia

Goodbye Fangtasia
Fangtasia is set alight as Bill and Pam burst through the door. But who burns it, and is anyone trapped inside? *Cue Ginger’s scream*

10 Lala

 “One fine-ass motherfucker with pretty new eyelashes”
Lala looks fabulous (and fingers crossed he has new eyelashes)! A new love interest has been lined up for him so hopefully Lala will have a much better storyline this year. Anyone can die in this show, but if Lala meets the end I will be severally fucked off. Anyone but him, please!

11 Lettie Mae

Lettie and Tara Mae
Season six ended with a heartfelt reunion between Lettie and Tara, and showrunners have already confirmed Lettie isn’t a carrier trying to infect her daughter. No, I think their reunion is sincere, and I hope Lettie (who is now a main character again!) manages to regain her daughters love and trust. Long live Lettie!

12 Sex

Sex, sex and more sex
Another staple of True Blood is gratuitous sex, so expect lots and lots of flesh this final season.

13 Sookie Sobs

Death, death and more death
Just who is Sookie crying for here?! She’s splattered in blood, so perhaps Pam has just perished? I predict Jason will die in the penultimate episode, to spur her on in the final battle. I don’t want him to, but it’s inevitable some of the fan favourites are going to die. *sob* As a side note, I hope Crystal returns briefly to wrap up the werepanther storyline of yesteryear.

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14 Sookie Choice

The love triangle pentagon
Bill? Eric? Sam? Alcide? Warlow? Sookie’s had her fair share of men over the past six seasons, but she better not end up with Sam as she does in the books. After the backlash that sparked I doubt the show will follow this pattern. But that leaves Bill and Eric (because, y’know, Alcide is going to die). Who would you choose?


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