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News broke recently that Prison Break will be returning to our screens for a 10-part mini series in 2016 and fans rejoiced. It’ll be set after the season 4 finale, which famously and heartbreakingly saw Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) perish saving Sara Tancredi’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) life. And yet Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, who played Scofield’s brother (of sorts) Lincoln Burrows, will BOTH be returning.

Reportedly the new limited series will provide ‘a logical and believable explanation to why the characters are alive and still moving around the world’. Prison Break has killed off a character before, of course, only to retcon it a season later. So surely Michael’s survival won’t be as absurd as Sara’s return? Either way, we at Vada are excited.

So aside from Michael and Lincoln, who else is returning? Well… nobody else has been confirmed yet. Below we bring you the top five characters we’d love to see in the new series.

Gretchen Morgan

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Gretchen Morgan had many haters – but I’m not one of them. Gretchen was, hands down, the best character in Prison Break, and her introduction in Season 3 is the sole reason why the third series didn’t entirely suck (because, trust us, it did suck). She is hard, ruthless, and badass and her sparkling chemistry with Lincoln thwarted the lacklustre connection between Linc and Sofia. That surely needs to be explored, right?

Also, the fact that she helped Sara to escape in ‘The Final Break’ surely means that she has been entirely redeemed? Maybe this time round she can be one of the good guys. We need to see her reunite with Emily, who was perhaps her only driving force in the final season. Either way, I want Gretchen back. She’ll make this revival.

Alexander Mahone

Alexander Mahone was truly sensational in the second season. He was flawed but determined, and that made him a formidable foe when pitted against Michael and co. Admittedly he was ruined in the third season, but he was able to redeem himself slightly in the final season.

So why does he deserve another appearance? Well, move over Sucre, because it is surely Alexander whom is BFF’S with Michael. They are the same person, basically. He is totally committed to Michael, Linc and the rest of the Scylla gang, so that surely means he HAS to appear in the new run. He’s one of them, and no longer a detective.

Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell

T-Bag is the breakout character of Prison Break, and he is truly a delight to watch in the first season. He is creepy and evil, but he is a character whom many love to hate (and a few simply love him). He is a flawed individual, but then so are many other characters.

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Admittedly his crimes to outweigh those of many other characters. He has kidnapped, raped, and murdered, but I admit I felt sorry for him when he was returned to prison in ‘The Final Break’. It remains to be seen quite how the prison break narrative will fit into the new run of Prison Break, but having a character actually in prison could serve as the ideal way in. It’ll be a travesty if Robert Knepper doesn’t pop up somewhere.

Paul Kellerman 

Who didn’t rejoice when Paul Kellerman returned in the Series 4 finale? A fan favourite from the offset, Kellerman had his ups and downs, but when last we saw him he was most certainly on top – he was running for presidency.

But him being president doesn’t mean he can’t be involved in the escapades of Michael and co. Caroline Reynolds was the main antagonist of the first two seasons, and she was president too. But I don’t want Kellerman to appose Michael; I want him to help him again. Kellerman was Prison Breaks Severus Snape; one was never quite sure whether he was good or bad until the very end, and now that we know he is ultimately good I don’t want that to change.

John Abruzzi 

Yes, Abruzzi is dead, but that doesn’t mean he can’t return. I may be clutching at straws here, but I adored Abruzzi, and I was floored when he was gunned down at the beginning of season 2. He, along with Tweener and Haywire, only escaped in order to make up numbers (and to coin the ace ‘Fox River 8’ name) and all three were quickly offed.

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But Haywire appeared as a hallucination in Season 3, and even Charles Westmoreland turned up in a dream sequence in season 4, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Abruzzi will pop up too. Or maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t even shot. Maybe his death, too, was faked. Maybe it was dark outside of the motel where Abruzzi met his end. Maybe we didn’t look at his bloody corpse long enough to be certain he died. Maybe the portrayer Peter Stormare was pregnant, and had to be written out in Season 2.

Yeah, I’m most definitely clutching at straws now.

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