5 Game of Thrones parodies that you should be watching

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At Vada we love game of thrones, so it’s in that spirit that I bring you the best that YouTube has to offer – ranging from the very professional to the very, um, unprofessional. So lets kick this off.

Medieval Land Fun-Time World

The wonderful people at Bad Lip Reading have completely outdone themselves on this one. Recasting season 1 and 2 of G0T as a Mediaeval theme park that has just a few weeks to turn its fortunes around under the new leadership of Eddie Stark. Highlights include Daenerys being recast as Denise – who’s clearly had a bit too much to smoke – and Tyrion recast as Terry – who thinks they should make iPhones for babies.

Enjoy, but don’t have too much powdered sugar – its powerful, yeah?!

Video Game of Thrones: Super Mario World

A nice simple opening created by a YouTube artist. Re-imagining the opening of Game of Thrones as if set on Dinosaur Island instead of across Westeros, and featuring an 8-bit iteration of the theme music.

School of Thrones

This is actually a three-part series and I would definitely recommend watching the whole thing – if for no other reason than to try and spot all of the Mean Girls references. Set in Westeros High School, each house is now a clique. Highlights include Renly eating a peach every time he leaves a scene, referring to Sansa as Ginger Stark, the Targaryen Burn Book and Tyrion Lanister doing car commercials . . . in Pentos.

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Honest Trailers – Game of Thrones

Full of a million references to the TV series and the books the show is based on, this parody brilliantly describes George R R Martin as fiction’s most notorious serial killer. Warning contains spoilers from season 1-3.

And finally, even the Simpsons are at it.

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