5 Songs You Need To Hear This Weekend

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1 – Rita Ora – Radioactive

One of the big success stories from last year, Rita Ora, with her chart topping album and 3 number one singles, returns with the fifth release from her debut album, ORA. ‘Radioactive’ is a R&B edged europop track, written by Sia Furler (‘Titanium’, ‘Wild Ones’), which has the feel of a Ke$ha song, only with much stronger vocals. For me there’s just a little too much of the euro dance sound at the moment, but as a real belter, I’m happy to forgive Rita.


2 – Tegan & Sara – Closer

Cult figures for lesbians, Tegan & Sara have continuously grown in popularity throughout their 17 years on the scene as icons in Wonky Pop. Since their recent appearance on David Guetta’s latest album, their future is looking even brighter, as they return with their 7th album, Heartthrob, with ‘Closer’ the lead single from it. This one really moves along with some pace, more feisty than New Young Pony Club, though less angry than The Gossip, I think they could have finally reached a balance that will appeal to a much wider audience.


3 – Jessie Ware – If You’re Never Gonna Move

Released last year towards the start of Jessie Ware’s success, ‘If You’re Never Gonna Move’ was originally released under the title ‘110%’, but due to legal disputes over the track’s sampling and namesake ‘100%’ by rapper, Big Punisher, it’s been renamed and re-released. Jessie is really off on a tangent here, totally doing her own thing. What’s appealing about her is her lack of gimmicks, vocal gymnastics or over-production. This track is simply a 90s influenced trip-hop vocal over a gentle speed-garage production. If that’s at all simple to master.


4 – Alexis Jordan ft. J Cole – Acid Rain

The girl that gave us top 10 hits ‘Good Girl’ and ‘Happiness’ a couple of years ago finally returns with the first release from her forthcoming album. ‘Acid Rain’ borrows heavily from Bingo Players recent number one ‘Get Up’. My immediate feeling is that it’s a bit too soon and could end up being tweaked or totally remixed before it gets officially released. That said, the female vocal does add a new dimension to the original, and should at least get her noticed enough to kickstart her next era off successfully.


5 – Kate Nash – 3am

I am a bit of an avid fan of Kate Nash and eagerly await her upcoming third album, GIRL TALK. Her first 2 releases have been 2 of my favourites in the last decade. ‘3am’ is set to be the lead single from it later this month, and continues pretty much in the same style as what I’ve come to love. An uplifting pop ditty, cleverly written, humorous and sweet, it will probably do little in the way of gaining her many new fans, but will certainly quench the thirst of those of us desperate for some new material

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