5 Songs You Need To Hear This Weekend

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1- Mariah Carey – Almost Home

Previously, about a decade ago, Mariah Carey was one of my favourite singers with an almost unrivalled vocal talent. Several breakdowns, flop albums and an ill-advised cover of ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ later, Mariah has all but lost her knack for knocking out big worldwide hits. This single is taken from the soundtrack to the new Disney movie, Oz The Great & Powerful, so friends of Dorothy will be tapping their ruby slippers together with excitement when they find their favourite diva, MC has finally stopped whistling and whispering and just belts this one out, with a simple catchy melody and all the charm of a traditional Disney hit.

2- Arianna ft. Pitbull – Sexy People (All Around The World)

Yes the Summer is coming and that will surely mean Pitbull will be lending his hand to many more dance hits over the coming months, maintaining his monopoly over the sounds being pumped out across the Spanish islands. This track belongs to operatic singer, Arianna, though is typically a Pitbull song with its sunkissed club beat and Latino flavour, you may feel that you’ve heard this all before, but that could also be due to its use on a recent Fiat ad.

3- Afrojack ft. Chris Brown – As Your Friend

Dutch producer and DJ, Afrojack, ranked 9th in the world by DJ mag, has been responsible for some of the hottest dance anthems in the last few years. After club success with his own hits ‘Take Over Control’ and ‘No Beef’ he was also behind Pitbull’s worldwide #1 ‘Give Me Everything’. Now he is back with Chris Brown, who seems to have permanently put the R&B birth of his career behind him and continues to knock out the club tracks. This has all the bounce and computerization of an 80s video game, missing only Super Mario and Princess Peach from proceedings.

4 – Sharon Doorson – High On Your Love

Sharon Doorson is one of the runners up to the Netherlands’ version of The Voice, but unlike our own contestants who seem frustrated by a team who don’t know what to do with them, Sharon has used her big diva voice to her advantage by placing it over a big disco beat. Although hardly the most original dance track I’ve heard this year, sometimes there’s a lot to be said for not trying to be too clever, and just belting out a tune over a foot-tapping beat, underneath a glitterball with a woo-woo.

5 – Tacabro – Asi Asi

By now you’ve probably guessed that this week I’m ready for a holiday and with Gran Canaria pride only a couple of months round the corner, Tacabro may be the sound of the Spanish Summer. Italian duo, Tacabro took their hit ‘Tacata’ to #1 all across Europe last Summer, apart from here and their homeland, and they’re looking to follow it up with the similar holiday-style anthem, ‘Asi Asi’ (translates as ‘So So’).

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