5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Weekend

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1- Katy B ft. DJ Zinc & Wiley – Got Paid

Single-handedly trying to revive UK Garage, British singer and all around red-head Katy B leads the pack this week with the release of her free mixtape, Danger, and its lead single ‘Got Paid’. The track rolls along with a simple baseline with one or two splashes of colour (fire alarms, mobile phones, the usual) and even seems to pick up on the melody from Desmond Dekker’s ‘Israelites’ in places (The Vitalite advert). Produced by DJ Zinc, there are clear similarities with his own track ‘Wile Out’ from last year. Throw in a rap from Wiley, who’s had quite a year himself, and you’ll also be waiting for Friday so you can get paid and hit the town too!


2- Rudimental ft. Angel Haze – Hell Could Freeze

It’s been quite a year for Hackney production quartet Rudimental. After years of working the clubs, they finally broke into the mainstream and topped the UK Chart with their Drum & Bass hit ‘Feel The Love’ earlier this year. As they work towards releasing their debut studio album, they’re keeping us interested with the release of a free single (Merry Christmas!). Rapper, Angel Haze takes the track from a soothing chill-out beat into a fast paced hip hop romp, as she aims to make 2013 for her, what 2012 was for Azealia Banks.


3- Yolanda Be Cool – Before Midnight

Yolanda Be Cool will be best known for their 2010 UK Chart topper, ‘We Speak No Americano’, that annoying holiday song which repeats ‘Fa Fa Americano’. Since then they have continued to release tracks with little success. Their fortunes may be about to make a swift U-Turn however, thanks to this catchy house track with vocals by Arram, who I admit to knowing little about. There are various remixes of this kicking about at the moment too, to lift the track off the radio and into the clubs. I recommend beginning with the Angger Dimas remix.


4- Joss Stone – The High Road

Joss Stone has gone back to basics on her latest album, Soul Sessions Volume 2, in which she has taken a selection of songs and turned them into real nostalgic soul classics. This track which leads as a single from the album was originally released by the lesser known band Broken Bells (including Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley fame) in 2009. Joss has turned what is quite a dirgy, angst-filled rock ballad into a much more lively affair, fuelled by that powerhouse voice that breathes life into any track she lends herself to.


5- Christina Aguilera ft. Blake Shelton – Just A Fool

Things might not be going quite to plan with Christina at the moment. Her most recent album, Lotus, has been panned by critics and sold relatively poorly. The first single ‘Your Body’ was an up-tempo track, so this time she’s stripped it back in her attempt at Country with highly regarded star of the genre, Blake Shelton. What’s nice about this track is that it’s almost gimmick-free and focuses on what makes Christina great, the voice. Add to that some great chemistry between the two singers and you’ve got a pretty decent track on your hands. It’s probably too little too late, but may help her sell a few extra copies of the album and help put a turkey on Christina’s table this Christmas.

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