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With the festive season but a distant memory and 2013 motoring up, all eyes are one who we’ll be needing to watch out for this year. The first exciting tracks have been launched upon an unprepared public, almost as soon as the clock hit midnight on New Year’s Eve. Here’s a look at my top 5 songs to watch out for this week.


1- Etta Bond – Resolve

If her debut release, last year, ‘Boring Bitches’, was the all-singing, all-dancing, big beat, crazy, booze filled wild night out, then ‘Resolve’ would be its dirty, dark and regretful hangover. The song pushes its way through lyrics of throwing up, skipping work and reaching for the medicine cabinet, while mimicking the traumatic effects of the morning after the night before, as it quickly switches from a slow and steady verse into those inescapable alarm bells that we’ve all heard on those dark Sunday mornings.


2- Matrix & Futurebound ft. Baby Blue – Magnetic Eyes

London producer, Matrix has been a mainstay on the house scene for over a decade and even scored a top 10 UK hit in 2002 with his cover of Jill Scott’s ‘It’s Love (Trippin)’, but since joining forces with Liverpool’s Futurebound, he is now a name to watch on the increasingly popular Drum & Bass circuit. After a top 30 hit last year with their first collaboration, ‘All I Know’, this is their second release and shows all the signs of being a real breakthrough hit for the pair. It makes the most of quite a simple baseline and some cute vocals from Baby Blue, with some cheesy lyrics.


3- Bruno Mars – Moonshine

Until now, I’ve yet to be convinced by anything I’ve heard Bruno Mars release, despite his huge success worldwide. ‘Moonshine’, on the other hand has been cherry picked straight out of a classic soul era of music and could have well been a long lost track from Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album. The lazy, almost haunting backing track glides along as Bruno effortlessly cruises with his honey-dipped voice.


4- Angel Haze – Werkin Girls

The world of the female rapper has never been so competitive as every record label vies to discover the next Nicki Minaj. Angel Haze has recently been making waves across the twittersphere thanks to a very public spat with rival, Azealia Banks. Despite this sort of publicity stunt cheapening her act, it’s refreshing to hear that her music so far has been gimmick free, gritty and raw, in fact, not a million miles from what Nicki was doing when she first started releasing mixtapes. ‘Werkin Girls’ is a real fiery, fast-paced hip hop track that takes no prisoners and brings her one step closer to taking the crown.


5- Avicii ft. Mike Posner – Stay With You

Avicii seems to have a new track out every week. Either he’s really passionate about making music, or keen on making sure at least one of his tracks is getting played by every DJ. Avicii is especially good at joining a simple melody, on a bouncy house track, with a soulful vocal. This time it’s Detroit’s, Mike Posner, who has already had success with his hit ‘Cooler Than Me’ as well as his appearance on Cher Lloyd’s ‘With Your Love’. Will this be the next big hit for Avicii or will we have to wait to see what he comes out with next week?




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