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Ab Fab

If someone was to say to you, that a television series that began twenty years ago was now being made into a movie with the original cast, many of you would roll your eyes, pull that face and mutter something cynical. That is, however, until you hear which television sitcom is attempting to pull this off. The answer of course is Absolutely Fabulous. That’s right, Jennifer Saunders is currently working hard, writing the script for what will be Ab Fab: The Movie.

Edina Monsoon (played by Jennifer Saunders) will be back alongside Patsy Stone (Edina’s somewhat troubled childhood best friend, portrayed by Joanna Lumley) in a feature length motion picture, due to be released in 2014. So far all that is known about the plot of the film, is that it begins with the duo finding themselves adrift on an oligarch’s abandoned yacht. There have been rumours and speculation that unlike the majority of Ab Fab episodes, the movie will be a musical, following Jennifer Saunders involvement in writing the screenplay for Viva Forever, a story of the dark side of fame featuring songs by the Spice Girls.

Despite originally airing two decades ago, Ab Fab has proven itself to able to keep up with current affairs, from the Kardashians, the recession and most recently, the London Olympics. It’s no surprise that Ab Fab has remained current and sassy, given that Edina is known for her ‘ability’ to keep up (admittedly at times forcibly) with all things hip and fresh. Saunders and Lumley made their last appearance as the terrible twosome in a one off special to celebrate the Olympics coming to London on July 23rd. It wasone of only three episodes airing in 2012, the others screening on New Year’s Day and for Comic Relief on March 23rd, both to strong audiences.

It is unknown yet whether or not many of the original characters will be appearing in their big screen outing. Characters such as Edina’s straight laced daughter Saffy (Julia Sawalha) and Edina’s mother (June Whitfield) are yet to be confirmed. The announcement was inevitably met with speculation regarding which famous faces will be making an appearance in the film, given that many high profile names have guest starred in the series. Names such as Kate Moss, Emma Bunton, Stella McCartney and Elton John have all previously featured, to name but a few.

One thing is certain though, if Ab Fab: The Movie, draws in the numbers the TV series has reached over the years, it is set to be a huge hit. With between 7-8 million people regularly tuning in to catch up with Edina and Patsy during the original series from 1992-1995, the pair’s popularity has continued through their more recent revamp, which began in 2001 and in the one-off specials. One special, entitled Ab Fab: New York where the duo travelled to New York during Fashion Week to track down Edina’s long lost son, was one of the highest viewed episodes of the series, bringing in viewing figures of just under 9 million people.

So whether it’s been two, ten or twenty years, Absolutely Fabulous remains as popular as ever, and as you head out to the cinema when the big night finally arrives, and you put on anything ‘Lacroix’, there’s only one question that needs answering…

“Champers alright, darling?”

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