Nails – Alaska Thunderfuck – Review

Reggie Myers

Right on time for the announcement of the cast for the seventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race comes the music video for ‘Nails’ from former Drag Race contestant Alaska Thunderfuck.

The music video starts with Alaska singing in front of blue digitized screen with only a piano to aid her. She sings about all of the things she’s been able to do before imparting the following message:

‘If you’re not wearing nails, then you’re not doing drag.’

The song’s beat then switches to something more up-tempo that sounds a lot like something people would usually hear from Britney Spears or Lady Gaga. Thunderfuck’s voice becomes low and more monotone as she keeps up the message about the importance of wearing nails while throwing some subliminal shots at those who don’t.

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And it’s not only the beat that changes. The scene also switches to Thunderfuck being tied up in the woods late at night and bloodied on the right side of her head from a struggle. Her captors then appear and try to torture her by breaking off her nails. They then discover to their horror that the nails keep growing back stronger shortly after being ripped off. When this is not happening, viewers can find Thunderfuck being surrounded by naked men or being carried by them.

When I first hit the play button on this video, I thought Thunderfuck could actually sing. The drag performer’s voice perfectly complemented the piano playing in the background. However, I was disappointed by the latter half of the song. It, along with visuals of the video, seemed like Thunderfuck was trying too hard to emulate Lady Gaga, and this insistence on following trends is what ultimately brings the song down.

I get that drag is about high energy music and performances, but Thunderfuck really shines on songs where she can utilise her vocal range. Otherwise, unless Thundefuck can find fast songs that are creative and allow her to show she is a talented singer, she is going to find herself being another fly-by-night sensation who will undoubtedly be swept away not long after this season of Drag Race comes to a close.

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