Andrew Hayden-Smith – My Childhood Crush

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Now that Andrew Hayden-Smith has returned to our screens in Banana, we thought we’d relive our love for this, um, classic actor. It’s been quite some time since he first appeared on our screens and it’s great to have him splashed on our flatscreens once more.

Back in 2000 (when I was 14), Andrew was in Byker Grove – a now mythical CBBC series so bad that it made the acting skills of Ant & Dec look good. I purged most of it from my memory, but I think it was about a youth club or something. One thing I do remember is how much I fancied Mr Hayden-Smith. Oh, the folly of youth and the embarrassment that I actually watched Ant & Dec trying to tackle serious teen issues during the after-school TV slot!

On the plus side, it would appear that my crush has just got sexier with time, so let’s sit back and enjoy this visual loveliness.


Ah, TV in the early Millennium – it was so blurry!

andrewHS 2

Oooh arty. And if not arty, at least topless.

andrewHS 3

Is this a new kind of exercise? Clearly it’s been working!

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andrewHS 4

Andrew’s three-episode appearance in Doctor Who saw him almost involved in a gay subplot cut from the final episode. Think Queer as Folk with Cybermen.

andrewHS 5

Andrew appeared in one of those GT naked editions, and you can watch a whole video of it here

andrewHS 6

I’m pretty sure that these need no explanation.

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