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This time last year people were losing their shit over the “impending” Mayan apocalypse. The world was going to end in December because people hadn’t made a calendar long enough to accommodate our new and improved life expectancy. It was about time to get out your bucket list, swim with those dolphins and sleep with that married colleague you’ve had your eye on. Luckily for most, Mother Earth wasn’t destroyed, and thus we warmly welcomed the new year with a sigh of relief, open arms and tainted marriages.

We here at Vada have been thinking about 2013 and discussing the things which have happened in the “year which shouldn’t be”. It’s already been quite the rollercoaster of events – from Obama’s second inauguration to the death of our own Maggie Thatcher; from potential human cloning to gay marriage in the UK. We’ve seen meteors destroying towns as well as “the best footballer” revealing he gets paid an economy ruining £38 a minute. Maybe the world really was meant to end after all.

2013 has been a great year for sporting events, film and, more importantly (in our humble opinion), music. And that’s where “The APOPCALYPSE” comes in.

It’s undeniable that this year has offered up some frankly excellent music, and the upcoming months are looking even more promising. Us musical Vada fiends have realised that we’re actually pretty chuffed we didn’t die young after all – mainly because some of the best our favourite artists have blossomed in 2013 and it’s finally re-instilled some faith in the music industry… to a degree anyway. We’ve banded together to form this series of articles, aptly named “The Apopcalypse”. Here’s what you can expect in the coming months.

We’ll look at two artists a week: one will be an omega and the other – perhaps a breakthrough act or a reputable artist with a good follow-up album. By exploring their history, artist profile and musical contribution in 2013, we hope to highlight the importance of their apocalyptic survival. Gold stars already. We want you guys to appreciate some of the excellent music that we’ve fallen in love with over the past 9 months and hopefully agree that these people are making 2013 the soundtrack to a bloody brilliant year.

Pop is an umbrella term in music nowadays. Previously, when you heard the word “pop”, your mind would immediately go to the bubblegum bitches of music – the Britneys and Xtinas, B*Witched and Steps. With so many new and diverse influences affecting what is deemed popular nowadays, pop music has redefined itself. There will definitely be surprises in “The Apopcalypse” so don’t be deterred if you’re not keen on Gaga or Perry. We promise there’ll be something for everyone. Even the weirdos.

But we’re not giving anymore away right now. Just be prepared. Batten down the hatches and hide in your bunker. Bring a laptop charger, some wine and lots of toilet paper. Dance ‘til the world ends. Are you ready? Because “The Apopcalypse” is coming.

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