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Look, Axe to Grind doesn’t just focus on axed shows! No, this week I’ll be taking a look at the CW’s The Vampire Diaries and asking one solitary question: just why the frack hasn’t this show been axed yet?

Original Airdate: September 10 2009 – Present

Reason for Cancellation: I stopped watching The Vampire Diaries religiously after its second season, so admittedly I don’t know EVERYTHING that has happened since. That said, I’ve dipped in and out and it seems to be the same dreary crap I watched years ago – if not worse.

I’ll get into justifying why this show needs cancelling in a moment, but the true reason is thus: pretty much every single character has been offed in its six seasons and yet the majority of them are still alive, somehow. Hell, Alaric Saltzman and Bonnie Bennett both died for good, and came back to life later in the show. Surely the shock factor has truly gone from this show?

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And with the recent news that both Nina Dobrev (possibly the worst lead in the history of television – am I right? Nina has about as much charisma as Kristen Stewart … as in none!) and Michael Trevino are leaving at the end of season six, surely now is the time to end the show?

Justification: The Vampire Diaries is simply the same contrived format every season – a new big bad, a new creature, a new death (and later resurrection), a new hook-up. Every character has died, and every character has hooked up with every other member of the opposite sex. This begs where the show can go in its next season?

Yes, Elena Gilbert is a terrible lead, but once a lead leaves there is very little that can be done without rebooting the entire franchise, and why on earth would anybody want to do that?

The core premise of The Vampire Diaries is the love triangle between Elena and the Salvatore brothers, and I am just betting that a new sexy female character is introduced next season to try and turn both of their heads, which would be a big mistake to make indeed.

I hope they kill Elena off once and for all – just so that she can’t be resurrected at a later date.

Are there any decent characters left, ones which haven’t long ago been ruined? Damon is always up for a laugh, and Caroline is deliciously amazing, but that’s about it. Both Matt and Tyler have long been deadwood.

I propose that Damon, Caroline and Stefan (simply because he is hot) are crossed over to The Originals (admittedly I haven’t seen this show, so this could be just as bad, if not worse, than The Vampire Diaries) and the rest are offed in some freak accident that kills them for good.

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There is just very little that the show can do now, I think. Most of the big supernatural creatures have been introduced, and there is no shock factor left. Whilst the ratings have already trundled downwards, I expect them to fall beneath one million after Elena has left. I’ll be very surprised indeed if an eighth season is announced.

A Right Decision?: I think the right decision would be to announce the seventh season as the show’s final, and to bring back everyone for one last hurrah – because lets face it, everyone will be returning at some point. Nobody stays dead on this show.

And then axe it. The Vampire Diaries is very much a show which deserves to be axed.

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