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It’s a slightly slow week for UK album releases. I blame the bank holiday. So, in its place I have decided to review indie quartet Bastille’s upcoming single entitled ‘Laura Palmer’. Following the success of the band’s debut album Bad Blood and recent single ‘Pompeii‘, Bastille had to be rather tactical when selecting their next release.

The album is consistently strong, so there were a number of choices, but I’m particularly pleased they went for ‘Laura Palmer’ as it’s a real high point for me. Written about the life of a fictional character from Twin Peaks, this song is a lot more dramatic than one would first imagine. With a pulsating first verse, Dan’s original vocal regales the audience with the tale of the girl’s final hours before the track explodes into a Coldplay style chorus, minus the ridiculous lyrics. They include a fantastic bridge in the middle of the track to build tension and release a mixed drum beat, before the final crescendo hits in with an almost gospel flair. A well produced and written indie pop gem which makes for a real memorable moment when performed live, I was lucky enough to see the band close their recent UK tour with it in Coventry last night.

Bastille have received a lot of hype recently; do not let that deter you. They are an exceptionally creative band with a flair and passion for music. Their live performances are anthemic and energetic whilst their tracks have the perfect balance of style vs substance. ‘Laura Palmer’ will be released later this month. The band’s debut album is available now.

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