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With University back in full swing, work getting busier, and the weather on its slow decline to winter, I’ve found myself a little down in the dumps this week. Discussing the weather and stresses of your life with your friends/family can get incredibly tedious however, so as usual I’ve found myself trolling through the depths of YouTube in the hope of breaking a smile and creating some conversation starters. Here are my top 5 funny and ridiculous videos which you’ll want to show your friends and end up quoting to each other for years to come.

5 – Harry Hill’s TV Burp

This thirty second clip had me rolling around the floor in hysteria when I first saw it last year. I’m not sure what it is about it that makes me giggle so much, I reckon it’s the dramatic pause before the climax. Have a watch –

4 – Selling Is Service

Now I’m not quite sure how I found this video, and you have every right to question what I search online after watching it, but jeez these people are hilarious. This is a training video for an American company which features old people singing and dancing and a woman with antlers – what’s not to like?

3 – Nice Pussy

I first saw this on a compilation of news bloopers (always worth a search, some of them are hilarious) and have shown almost all my friends now. It’s a little rude and a lot hilarious. This gets quoted at least once a day in my flat…

2 – Adele Interview

I found this a couple of years ago and just re-watched it this week –it’s still hilarious. It’s basically a Dutch interviewer who’s been dressed up as a character of a Japanese reporter and sent to interview Adele about her debut album. There’s one point when discussing where she’s from that Adele emits the most hilarious laugh I’ve ever heard and it’s worth watching the video for those three seconds of amusement alone!

1 – Honey Boo Boo

Now this is a classic that I’m sure everyone will have already seen, but incase you haven’t or just need a reminder here’s the original ‘Honey Boo Boo’ video. There are so so many quotes in this video that stick with you and I literally use some of them daily in my vocabulary now (which is horrendous really). These two minutes of footage spawned the girl and her family their own high-profile television show – crazy!

I hope these videos have brought a smile to your face and will be a conversation starter for your friends this week – I know I needed something to entertain myself. Now I’m off to procrastinate some more…

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