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Big Brother 15 crowns its victor on Friday (15 August) after ten weeks of arguments, deceit, arguments, power-trips, arguments and rivalry. Did we mention there was A LOT of arguments? After last Fridays (8 August) travesty of a double-eviction which saw both Mark and Winston (!) depart, we take a look at the finalists to determine whether they deserve their place in the final week, and what position they will likely finish in. Once upon a time both Mark and Winston were firm favourites to win (hell, Winston was a firm favourite to win even on his eviction night) so it’s anybody’s game really. Well, not really. There is no way Pav is gonna win.

Pavandeep “Pav” Paul

Day entered: day 40

Number of nominations: 15

Power: days 40-44: Armageddon Week

Eviction prediction: 6th

A worthy finalist? Pav is in no way a worthy finalist. He has done nothing since he entered the house halfway through the current run. Had he entered on day one he may have grown to become a halfway decent housemate but as of now, he certainly isn’t. He’s too quiet and none of the other housemates have accepted him. Has he been bullied? Maybe, at the beginning. He’s finally being accepted by the others now but it’s too late. It’s a case of last in, first out. The others have done so much more to deserve their place in the final. Pav should have been booted out in week 6 rather than Biannca.

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Chris Wright

Day entered: day 2

Number of nominations: 14

Power: days 8-12: public vote; days 46-48: power alliance

Eviction prediction: fifth

A worthy finalist? Chris is not a worthy finalist either, but he certainly is more worthy than Pav. I do not understand how Chris has survived this long. He does nothing, he is two-faced, he’s an actor, and he’s oh so creepy! Creepy Chris definitely has a game plan which ultimately seems to be working, somehow. If he comes anywhere other than fifth on the final night it will be a farce.

Ash Harrison

Day entered: day 2

Number of nominations: 12

Power: N/A

Eviction prediction: fourth

A worthy finalist? Ash has only made it this far by riding on Helen’s tailcoats. Like the public said during the people power week, Ash has zero personality. He is crass, brass, and a bit of a bully. Has he been fun to watch? Ultimately no. The public has the chance to get rid of him weeks ago when Ashleigh plotted to get him booted from the house but somehow he survived. After then he has only survived because of Helen’s U-turn, but he won’t make it into the final three. Barely a week following his exit people will be saying: Ash, Ash who?

Helen Wood

Day entered: day 1

Number of nominations: N/A

Power: days 23-26: girl power

Eviction prediction: third

A worthy finalist? Surprisingly Helen is a worthy finalist. Yes, her demeanour has divided public opinion and she had caused more arguments in the house than the rest of the housemates combined, but you cannot deny she has been fun to watch. Without the countless arguments this would have surely been a rather boring household. Who can forget week three’s Hurricane-Toya debacle? That was Big Brother gold right there. Many have said Helen wouldn’t have made it to the final without her finalists pass and that is probably true. If she didn’t have the pass she would have left in week 2 or 3 but she managed to turn public perception around somewhat in the past few weeks. It appears as though she is reverting back to her argumentative ways, and this week will surely see her and Ashleigh come to blows once more. But with Helen, we wouldn’t have it any other way. With only 6 housemates left this week will be slightly boring, so an argument is probably needed to spice things up. Helen won’t be booted out first, like many think. She’ll make the top three, definitely.

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Christopher Hall

Day entered: day 1

Number of nominations: 12

Power: N/A

Eviction prediction: second

A worthy finalist? I think the first and second place could ultimately go either way, but it’s Ashleigh I want to triumph. Christopher is a worthy finalist, having gone through a journey in the house. He started off despised somewhat and always sitting on the fence to finally standing up for himself against Mark and Helen. His relationship with Mark, whilst sweet, is doomed to fail as they are too different. I don’t believe Mark used him like a lot of the public did, but the way he treated him wasn’t fair. Christopher has really come into his own these past few weeks and it’s because of that that he deserves to be the runner-up.

Ashleigh Coyle

Day entered: day 2

Number of nominations: 12

Power: days 23-26: girl power; days 46-48: power alliance

Eviction prediction: first

A worthy finalist? Not only is Ashleigh a worthy finalist, she is a worthy winner. She is only 18 but she managed to stand-up for herself countless times against Helen whilst others cowered in the side lines. It appears Toya’s pep talk back in week 3 paid off (Toya is my ultimate champ of BB 15) as Ashleigh became the peoples champion. She faced-off against Helen and stood up for the runts. Ashleigh is somebody whom everybody is surprised they actually like her now because in the opening weeks she was very quiet. She has more than come into her own since Toya’s departure and because of that she will reign victorious.

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Vada says – ASHLEIGH TO WIN!

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