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Big Brother has always been my summer guilty pleasure. Full of audacious characters, twists at every turn, and arguments aplenty, Big Brother 15 was a treat to watch. I recently caught up with the eleventh evictee Mark Byron for a quick-fire interview in which we talked about his time in the house, his so-called relationship with Christopher, and what makes the perfect eyebrow. There may have been a dig or two at Luisa Zissman too.

Vada – Hi Mark. How was it adjusting back to ‘normal life’?

Mark – Hi Barry. It has been really mental since leaving the house. Life doesn’t feel normal at all, but it been a lot of fun.

Do you miss being in the house?

I do miss being in the house. I can’t get used to having my own space! I definitely miss the housemates and the tasks the most.

Did the right person win?

I do feel the right person won. Helen was the most consistent housemate in there at the finale. She went on the biggest journey in the house.

You’re a lifelong fan of Big Brother ­– what, in your view, makes the perfect housemate?

The perfect housemate has to be fun and entertaining but also someone you can relate to and someone who really brings a lot to the table.

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Were you the perfect housemate?

Oh God, I’d like to hope so!

Were any of this year’s contestants the perfect housemate?

I think Matthew and Helen were my perfect housemates.

Let’s talk briefly about some of your fellow housemates – Helen first. She divided public opinion but in the last few weeks she managed to make their perception of her alter slightly. Did she manage this in the house?

I don’t really think people in the house [changed their] perception. They just became more accepting of her.

Ash was labelled boring (and from what we as viewers saw, he was) – do you think he only made it to the final because he was Helen’s friend?

I’m really shocked he came across as boring because in the house he was a major character! I think he may of just been overshadowed by Helen to the viewers but he definitely deserved to make it to the final.

You and Winston were shockingly evicted the week prior to the final – did you want to stay until the final? And do you think either you or Winston should have made it to the final instead of Pav?

I would’ve preferred to see me or Winston in the final just because I think we brought more to the table. But it’s the public’s show and when they want you out you’ve gotta go!

Ashleigh also changed public perception of her. Do you think this is due to both Toya and Danielle being evicted?

One-hundred-percent. After Ashleigh lost her close friends she really found her own strength and people got to see the real her.

Do you think ’Creepy Chris’ was indeed creepy?

[Laughs] No way. He’s sweet, but I do understand why people could think he was a creep.

How was it in the house after your BFF Matthew left?

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I found it really difficult. Matthew is someone I think really highly of so it was tough losing my bezzy. I felt like a lost puppy!

Your relationship with Christopher was all over the place. Do you regret any of it?

I wish I was more open with my feelings. I do think I left everyone feeling confused.

You famously shied away from any public displays of affections because of what your friends and family would think watching from home. Have they since accepted your relationship with Christopher and everything you did in the house?

They have really been supportive and accepted everything. Me and Christopher definitely aren’t in a relationship though.

Have you and Christopher seen each other since the final?

No, we haven’t seen each other yet. Just the odd text.

Do you think you and Christopher have a future?

I think we could be great friends but that’s all.

What was it like going back into the house (Wednesday 13th) as part of the task and party?

It was amazing. I am so thankful to the producers for putting us back in. It was the best day of the whole experience.

You were labelled as fake countless times by the audience which I never believed. You affirmed over and over that you were being your true self. How was it knowing that others believed you to be fake?

It was massively frustrating. I expected it in the early days because I am quite over-the-top but I thought that after 63 days people would realise that is just who I am!

You had such a fall from grace. You were the sure-fire winner for a lot of your time in the house but the public didn’t like how you appeared to treat Christopher. From what you’ve watched back, was it edited to make it look as though you were treating Christopher worse than you were?

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I actually haven’t watched it back yet! I’d never blame the editing though. I do wish Christopher [would have] stood up to me a bit more though. I never realise when I’ve gone too far.

Did you ever think you’d win?

Nope, never! I’m so shocked to find out I was a favourite for so long!

Did you ever feel like walking at any point?

No way, I’d never quit!

Your eviction interview was rough to watch. You were clearly nervous, and Emma was asking some hard questions. Likewise Luisa Zissman trashed you to your face on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. Were both of these interviews hard to partake in?

The interview with Emma was tough but I understand why she had to ask those questions as the public deserved answers. Luisa Zissman on the other hand just bores and frustrates me. Me and Luisa are very different people and the only thing we have in common is that neither of us know how to win a reality show!

How was it leaving to booing?

Pretty tough, I can’t lie. It’s really scary out there! The crowd seems much bigger than it really is!

How do you feel now that you’ve been gone over a week?

I feel great. I had an amazing summer and I’ve kept close with a lot of the ex-housemates!

What’s next for you? More reality TV, or are you going to open your “brow-bar”?

I’m currently meeting with agents. [I have] been signed up to do some club appearances over the UK and I’ve been invited on the HD brow course so I will finally be a professional brow stylist!

Finally, what exactly makes a good eyebrow?

For me, the bigger the better. Well groomed and high definition! There’s nothing worse than a skinny eyebrow!


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