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It’s twists aplenty this week as the original nominated housemates – Aaron, Cristian, Eileen, Jade, Joel and Nick – are in fact safe, with the remaining housemates up for eviction. Jack was also up for eviction, but he used another of his immunity passes to save himself. But that’s not all. No, Big Brother has thrown another spanner in the works by revealing that FOUR (yes, FOUR) housemates will be booted out, and replaced with a new quartet. The twist has been dubbed a ‘massacre’.

On the one hand I don’t think this is fair at all on the housemates as they have only been in for two weeks, but I guess this means that the new housemates will be in with a fighting chance of winning. No ‘he hasn’t been on the same journey as us’ rubbish this year. I sincerely hope there are some older housemates in the mix. I’m also predicting that we’ll see at least one of the evicted four return at some point in the series – this is Big Brother: Timebomb, after all. Time can be reversed.

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Amy & Sally

Amy and Sally Broadbent

Following ‘egg-gate’, Amy and Sally continue to grate on me. During the recent debate task they were just vicious: their feathers certainly get ruffled when one of them comes under fire from the other housemates.

Amy and Sally are girly girls with little redeeming qualities. They are spiteful and self-centred. I think it is unfair that they have one another when the rest of the housemates came into this experience completely alone. As time goes on I am sure the twins will annoy me even more so I am grateful for this twist as it’s pretty much a given that Amy and Sally will be booted out. Can I get a hallelujah?


Chloe Wilburn

Chloe is a nice enough girl, and given more time I think she would become a firm favourite to make it to the final, but this week she will completely fall under the radar as she is pitted against much bigger characters. And that isn’t fair, really, as I feel she has a lot more to show.

Chloe is fun but I can sense a darker edge beneath the surface. She was quick to shut Nick down when Nick nominated face-to-face and if she stayed for longer I reckon she’d be causing a lot of quarrels amongst her fellows.

She’s done nothing bad at all, so this weeks twist, like that of the launch night twist involving Simon, is unfair.


Danny Wisker

His will-they-won’t-they relationship with Sarah seems to have ended before it began, but Danny is the only nominated housemate this week of whose fate I am categorically certain of. Danny will stay. He is extremely likeable in that his is gorgeous and a genuinely nice guy. I can’t imagine him starting many arguments.

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It would be interesting to see how much he would change without Sarah in the house, but a part of me doesn’t want to see that change. I quite like Danny and Sarah together. Time will tell… Get it? [Editor’s Note: *eyeroll*]


Harriet Jackson

Harriet is a time bomb waiting to explode. I love her ‘fuck it’ attitude when she tells her fellow housemates directly to their faces what she thinks of them – there is no backstabbing of bitching behind backs with Harriet. She tells it as it is.

But will his piss off the viewers? I’d like to think not: I think Harriet will be a hoot of a housemate if she is given a chance to shine, but I think her place in the house may be in jeopardy. It’ll be a tossup between her and Sarah as to which female stays.


Kieran McLeod

Kieran is another housemate that has done absolutely nothing wrong, but unfortunately I don’t think he can be saved. Like Chloe, he’ll fall under the radar and be completely forgotten about. It’s harsh, but Kieran has done little to make him be remembered. Maybe without his interfering Danny and Sarah will be able to get closer?


Sarah Greenwood

I still love Sarah: I love how she is coming across, particularly in relation to her friendship with Danny. They both clearly like one another but neither dares explore or expand and I think that is very much a good thing for the time being.

During last weeks eviction Sarah got mainly cheers from the crowd – is this an indication that the public likes her, and that she’ll be safe this week? Like I said earlier, it’ll be a tossup between her and Harriet. I don’t know which I’d rather stay.

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Who goes? YOU decide…

Amy and Sally are definitely gone. Thank god for that.

Chloe and Kieran are also going to go, unfortunately; neither has done anything really to make the public categorically back them. Neither have done anything bad, either, so they should take this fact with them when they leave. They both came across rather well.

Like I previously said I think Danny is safe, so it’s between Harriet and Sarah. I’m going to guess that Harriet will go, only because of the blossoming relationship between Danny and Sarah. It’s unfair because I love them both!

What’s your bet in this Big Brother bingo? Let us know in the comments below.

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