Big Brother: TimeBomb – Eviction Prediction 5

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I am LOVING Nikki Grahame. Can we please just keep her until the end? And saying that, I’m quite liking having Helen back. I don’t particularly like her, but there’s no denying that she hasn’t stirred things up. She is a vile creature, but she knows how to play Big Brother. We’ve needed some arguments for a while now.

Marc has fallen from grace though, as he maliciously pits Harry, Chloe, Cristian and Jade against one another. But who’ll go? As always, Vada brings you the lowdown on the nominees, before predicting who’ll get the boot.


Chloe Wilburn

Of this list, I think it’s safe to assume that Chloe is the only definite to be saved. She’ll make the final, most likely.

Chloe is, as she said, normal. She hasn’t gone into the Big Brother House to become famous, or to further her career, or indeed to get any career from it. She’s gone in for a joyful summer experience, and that’s that.

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She may not be the most enjoyable housemate to watch, but she’s certainly the most likeable.


Cristian MJC (Matthew Clarkson)

Aside from being beautiful, Cristian has done little else for five weeks. Marc was right when he called him up on that. Perhaps his way of calling him was wrong, but fundamentally he was right.

Isn’t is strange how Cristian is suddenly doing something interesting, now that he’s been nominated? Hmm, I wonder why…

Cristian has had more than enough time to come out of his shell, but he hasn’t, and really he is rather boring. There is only so far one’s looks can take them, and Helen was right – he has the same personality as a piece of ryvita! His place in the house is in jeopardy, I think.

If he was to go, I don’t think there would be much difference to the house; indeed, I don’t think many people would even realise he’d left.



I can’t quite decide what I think of Harry. One moment I love her, the next I loath her, and the next I feel very sorry for her. She’s either extremely hard to read, or else she knows how to play this game. But I don’t think her game playing will save her.

Whether her relationship with Nick is a showmance or not, its cringeworthy, and the sooner it ends the better. Nick, once my favourite, is slowly become somebody I despise. He has spent the last five weeks mooning over Jade and then Harry, so maybe we should have a double eviction and boot them both out?

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Whatever the outcome, I think Marc and Helen have been extremely unfair to Harry this week. She didn’t deserve to be ostracised.


Jade-Martina Lynch

Jade became a bitch in week three, then faded into nothingness. To me her recent kissing with Brian Belo screams of desperation and as much as I love her fake voice, I find Jade extremely annoying.

Much like Danielle’s lying about her modelling career last series in a bid to appear more interesting, I think Jade has lied about her polyamorous nature. Time will tell.

Who goes? YOU decide…

Who do I want to go? Jade. Who do I think will go? Harry. I’d quite happily see any of these go apart from Harry, just to see the look on Marc’s face, but ultimately I do think it’ll be Harry. She hasn’t come across well this past week, and Cristian will be able to pull in the female votes.

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