Big Brother: TimeBomb – Eviction Prediction 6

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Aisleyne is in the house! The housemates had best know themselves!

I simply cannot wait to see Aisleyne go ballistic on Helen’s ass – it’s been a long time coming. Can we please just boot out all of this year’s housemates and bring back a load of ‘legends’ to pit against one another? They’re much more entertaining.

As usual, Vada brings you the lowdown on the nominated housemates (there are eight this week!) and try and predict who’ll be booted out.


Cristian MJC (Matthew Clarkson)

I think I may be in a minority here, but I am loving this new side of Cristian. I think it’s all an act, yes, but he simply doesn’t give a damn what the other housemates think anymore, and as such he’s going to town.

Will he ultimately win? No, not a chance. But I do think this new bitchy side will help him pull around viewers, and I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Cristian in the finale.

I guess Cristian has a personality (well, kinda) along with the looks. You go Cristian!

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Danny Wisker

Aside from Chloe, I feel like Danny is the only truly likeable person in Big Brother, and as such I think it’s safe to assume he’ll make the finale too. Even if he was somehow booted out, he’ll survive this finale.

It’s vote to evict, and there are some pretty hated characters up against Danny. His likability, his charm, and his looks will see him easily skate through.

I just wish he’d open up a little like Cristian, and tell us what he really thinks. He loves sitting on that fence.



If it was any other week I think Harry would be a certainty in getting evicted. She hasn’t come across well at all this week (or indeed, for the past few weeks…) and her so-called relationship with Nick is incredibly cringeworthy to watch. They are getting too serious too quickly and there is just no way it is going to last.

Harry is becoming desperate and clingy, and I think it may be a good idea to split them up, just so Nick can go back to being adorable. But, like I said, Harry will be safe this week. Just because of who else is up


Jack McDermott

What a fall from grace Jack has had. Originally the favourite to win, Jack has let this confidence go to his head and I am glad that he is finally facing eviction.

He’s moody, he complains far too much, and he simply doesn’t do anything entertaining. He should have taken that car when it was offered to him, because I sincerely doubt he’ll make it to the finale. Hell, I doubt he’ll even make it to next week.

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Joel Williams

Now I quite like Joel, but I don’t like Joel with Marc. Marc has shown his true colours since Helen entered, and Joel has bizarrely latched onto him for some unknown reason.

Joel isn’t coming across well at all, but I think he is incredibly smart. He knows how to play this game, what with his analytical ways and his cringeworthy dancing. He’ll coast through this week.


Nick Henderson

I don’t like Nick any more. If Jade was bed-hopping then surely Nick had been too. He’s gone from Jade to Harry to Nicki and back to Harry and it is uncomfortable to watch.

Nick clearly isn’t confident in himself, but that doesn’t mean he should behave in such a way. If only this was a double eviction, we could get Jack and Harry out and let Nick be Nick again.

Until Harry goes, Nick will continue being hard to watch,


Big Brother

Sam’s face during her ‘secret’ task was a picture! She clearly wants to be liked, and I like her … ish.

I don’t know what to make of her. I think I actually preferred her when she was shacking up with Marc. Now, she doesn’t appear to know what to do, and her ‘#lovinglife’ saying is grating on me.

She either needs to up her game and make out with Marc again, or she needs to be evicted.


Simon Gross

At this point in the game I don’t even think I can remember who Simon is anymore – he’s faded into nothingness.

As much as I hated his SHOWBIZ persona, I hate his moody and depressive outlook even more. He isn’t entertaining in the slightest and he’s become the very definition of deadwood.

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Who goes? YOU decide…

It’s quite a tough one to call this week because of how many hated figures are up. Cristian, Danny, Joel and Nick are safe, no matter what.

I think Harry has another week or so in her, and I think Sam has more to give. Simon will probably survive this week based purely upon the hatred for Jack, because it has to be Jack leaving this week.

I want to see his face when his name is called out.

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