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So Big Brother is coming to an end tonight, and if we’re entirely honest we’re kind of glad.

This series has been rather lacklustre, and the crop of housemates have been boring to behold (well, the original ones anyway, the newbies – minus Simon – were nothing short of brilliant). As such, we don’t care either way who wins, so long as it isn’t Jack.

Below we bring you the final lowdown on this years finalists, and try and predict who’ll win.


Chloe Wilburn

Remaining consistent for the majority of Big Brother: TimeBomb, Chloe has become feisty in the past two weeks with money being the driving factor in the house. We don’t necessarily think it’s because Chloe is desperate to win (Chloe genuinely appears to be in the house for the experience) but this new side to her isn’t doing her any favours. She has argued with both Jack and Cristian lately, two of her closest friends in the house, but I guess the constant talk of money, money, money has to be annoying.

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But what is annoying is her growing lisp. It was barely noticeable in week one, but towards the final few weeks it has grown more and more prominent – perhaps a hint that Chloe isn’t all that consistent?

That said, she has a big chance of winning.


Cristian MJC (Matthew Clarkson)

Aside from Chloe, Cristian is who we’d LIKE to win, but he probably won’t.

Cristian was literally a nobody until midway through when he decided to fight back, and this U-turn brought about a lot of drama in the house, and it showed that there was a personality behind the beauty (even if it was a bad personality).

Cristian is nice to look at, and he is fairly entertaining now. He’d be in for a fighting chance at winning if he had come out of his shell a lot earlier.

I’m not entirely sure whether or not this new him is genuine, but he has brought more to the house in recent weeks than most of the finalists.

We’d like him to win just so that he can put the prize fund towards some singing/rapping lessons. Just look at this video below for proof that he needs them, otherwise we may have to listen to this travesty on the radio.


Danny Wisker

Danny was out favourite for a long time, but two main reasons have seem him become one of our least liked housemates.

Firstly, his arguing with Marc and Chloe (here, in particular, he was downright awful) has shown his true persona, and it isn’t a nice one to behold. Danny has some across as horrible, jarring with the persona he adopts for the most part, which makes him confusing to watch.

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He struggles to articulate himself, and I struggle to sit through his constant rants and outbursts. What did those pizza boxes ever do to you Danny?

And secondly, his ‘nice guy’ act shows his desperate yearn to win and it is cringeworthy to behold. I get that he is desperate for the money as it would change his life, but the arguing and angry outbursts ruin this act.

Out of all of the housemates, it is Danny who I think is playing a game, and unfortunately he isn’t playing it well at all.


Jack McDermott

I hate Jack. If he wins, I am done with Big Brother for good. I would rather any other housemate took the £23,900 than Jack, because he is the least deserving. Greedy and grumpy, Jack is loathsome to behold.


Joel Williams

I still don’t know what to think about Joel. Sometimes I love him (when he is just being normal) and sometimes I hate him (when he is using his intelligence to undermine the others. You’re 19, Joel, act it! You may be a councillor, but you don’t have to sound like one 24/7). And other times I cringe at him (when he’s dancing and singing to the campest songs around).

He does have a big chance of winning, however. He is probably the most consistent housemate.


Nick Henderson

In week one Nick was out favourite. But then he jumped into bed with Jack. Then Harry. Then Nicki. Then Harry. Then we forgot all about him.

Then he stabbed Chloe in the back by spending £5,000 of the prize fund to take her place in the final, and that was the last straw. He doesn’t deserve his place in the finale because he has bought his way there.

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Fair enough, he is a HUGE Big Brother fan, but the whole process of Big Brother is about nominating and facing eviction and ultimately surviving.

If he’d have faced the public vote last week Nick would have definitely survived, so there was no point in him stabbing Chloe in the back.

Who wins? YOU decide…

We want either Chloe, Cristian or Joel to win.

Danny is inconsistent and cringeworthy, Jack is grumpy and boring, and Nick bought his place in the finale.

It’ll most likely go to Chloe or Joel. Another boring winner. Helen Wood from last year is loathsome, but at least she is memorable. I doubt anybody will remember this years finalists next series.

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