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Big Brother has only gone and thrown another spanner in the works, hasn’t he? This weeks eviction won’t be a real eviction, no, but rather the evicted housemate will be booted into Big Brother’s secret lair, to live for 48 hours with three ‘legendary’ housemates from the past.

So, this week’s Eviction Prediction will take a different look, but more on that in a moment. The whole concept of Big Brother playing with time is brilliant as it means ex-housemates can return, but I wish that a) it was for longer than 48 hours, and b) they were going into the main house to live alongside the existing housemates. Vada is going to predict that it’ll be Marc who is booted into the lair, though secretly we’re hoping it’ll be Simon. Imagine the look on the housemates faces when they see him return for a SECOND time. Priceless.

Because there isn’t a real eviction this week, there’s not really any point in predicting who’ll be booted, simply because they’ll be returning two days later. So in place Vada brings you our top 5 ex-housemates we’d love to see return.

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Nikki Grahame

‘Who IS she?’

Well, let me tell you. Nikki Grahame is perhaps the greatest housemate of all time. She is infamous for her temper-tantrums and diary room rants, on topics ranging from the apparent glacial temperature of the bedroom and Richard munching on cornflakes, to claiming her bed and her hatred at Susie Verrico. Her ‘who IS she?’ rant is the best moment ever on Big Brother. Relieve her highlights below:

Nikki would make a brilliant returnee, so long as Big Brother did something monumental to annoy her. Maybe bring Susie back, too?

Nadia Almanda 

Nadia’s victory in 2004 was the crowning glory of a brilliant series. She initially went into the house to gain acceptance following her transition the year before entering, and was ultimately crowned the winner with 74% of the vote. But that’s not why Nadia is remembered.

Oh, no. We remember her for her venomous rants over her cigarettes and her blazing arguments. Her desire for cigarettes was more emotional than her desire to be accepted. Give her some freaking cigarettes already!

Nadia should only return if she is still a heavy smoker: that way Big Brother can withhold her cigarettes and let her meltdown in the diary room again.

Anthony Hutton

Anthony’s toying with Craig was cringeworthy, sure, but Anthony brought some much-needed eye candy to the house, and you can never have enough of that.

Though, saying that, we already have Cristian, Danny and Marc, so maybe Anthony’s return would be wasted? If he does come back, hopefully he can flash some flesh and have a strip-off against Marc? Wishful thinking.

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Another Big Brother 6 housemate we’d love to see back is Kinga Karolczak, simply because of how outrageous she was. Maybe keep the wine bottles hidden away though? Just a suggestion…

Helen Wood

One of the most controversial housemates of all time, Helen was given an automatic pass to the final on her second day in the house, ensuring that she became one of the biggest Big Brother bitches ever because her place was secure. Her fight with Tornado Toya was brilliant, though Ashleigh was the real winner.

If Helen returns, she should be given a pass to the final once more, just to see the rest of the housemates revolt. That is something we’d LOVE to see.

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

‘KNOW YOURSELF!’ Aisleyne was brilliant, but Ghetto Aisleyne was better. We’d absolutely love to see Aisleyne and Nikki reunited, just to see Nikki impersonating her in the diary room one more.

Aisleyne already has experience living in a house next door, as she literally moved into ‘the house next door’ back in 2006. She knows how to work it.

Failing these, we’d quite like to see Brian Dowling return, because let’s face it, his career is going nowhere since he was dropped as presenter of Big Brother.

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