Big Brother: TimeBomb – Eviction Prediction 1

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After a few days of the niceties, the cracks began to show.

And speaking of cracks – get over the eggs. Seriously, they’re eggs. I get that the housemates will only receive a few dozen a week, or whatever, but I’m tired of it already.

It’s basically just Alicia from CBB15, isn’t it? Sally and Amy are grating on me because of this. Why couldn’t they be up for eviction?

But I digress. In the first of a new regular feature at Vada, we’ll bring you the lowdown on the nominees and try and predict who will be going.


Adjoa Mensah

In her first few days in the house, I absolutely loved Adjoa. I adored her blatant and blunt love of ‘pussy’ (seriously, she must have used this term a few dozen times on the first night alone) and the fact that she was just perving on all of the girls. I feel sorry for her, too. With Aaron, the only openly gay male housemate, everybody has just accepted that he likes guys. Big deal.

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But they don’t seem to be getting it with Adjoa – particularly Kieron. The guys could not comprehend that Adjoa didn’t fancy them, and her sexuality has been brought up numerous times by the other housemates when it isn’t necessary to say. She likes girls. Big deal.

Adjoa has receded into herself since being nominated face-to-face by Nick, and since then she has faced hardship after hardship. She received scathing comments from the British public who voted her as untrustworthy and selfish in a recent trial.

In total Adjoa received 4 nominations, from Nick, Jack, Joel and Kieron.


Eileen Daly

Eileen is cooky and eccentric, but she is also entirely segregated due to her age. This has been a big issue since Channel 5 took over Big Brother – they stock the house up with pretty young characters and only one or two older people, who are often evicted quickly. It happened last year with Pauline, and it looks set to happen again this year. If Eileen doesn’t go this week, she’ll most certainly be up for eviction again next week.

I do think she will get sympathy votes, especially after her heartfelt nominations and the fact that everyone who voted for her did so because of her age. And why shouldn’t she get the sympathy votes? Eileen deserves to be in there just as much as anyone.

I do think she wouldn’t mind going though – as much as I hate to say it, I do agree that the younger housemates will probably start to grate on her eventually. So, Channel 5, just a tip for next series perhaps – have a more diverse set of housemates. I want to see people from all age groups.

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In total Eileen received 4 nominations, from Harriet, Jack, Jade and Kieron.


Sarah Greenwood

I see Sarah as a lesser version of Helen from last year. She is like Marmite, except that she is much more endearing than Helen. I am still bitter that she won against Ashleigh.

But I digress, again. Sarah is blunt, brash, and opinionated, but that isn’t a bad thing at all. In face, it is probably a good thing in that house. And she hasn’t particularly pissed anyone off (yet) or been nasty to anyone (yet). Yes, there have been a few disagreements, but that’s all they are. Everything was quickly brushed under the carpet.

A love story seems to be blossoming between Sarah and Danny (as a side note, how adorable is Danny?) with the latter declaring he fancies the former. But so far Sarah has remained stoic and said that she doesn’t fancy him. I sincerely hope that she doesn’t try to use this to her advantage in order to gain votes. If she does my opinion of her will sour instantly. But for now I love Sarah.

Who goes? YOU decide…

It’s a tough one this week, because I genuinely think three strong housemates are up. I love them all, and there are others who should have been up in their place. That said, I think Adjoa will go, but I hope Eileen goes.

Adjoa will go because the public doesn’t seem to like her all that much. She seems to have accepted this, too. But I think Eileen should probably go because she will be nominated week after week until she does. And like the darling she is, she’ll take it on her chin and smile gratuitously, and it really isn’t fair on her. I think Sarah is pretty safe for now.

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