Big Brother: TimeBomb – Eviction Prediction 3

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Well the new housemates have certainly stirred things up, haven’t they? As much as I loved Sarah and Harriet, I do think bringing in a fresh crop of people was the right thing to do.

Harry is strutting around naked and flirting with Nick; Simon is ‘crying’ every five minutes and stabbing people in the back; Sam is brimming with positivity (so far); and Marc has pretty much fucked everyone off, but has been a delight to watch.

In another twist (seriously, Big Brother LOVES twists – whatever happened to normal nominations, where the fellow housemates never discovered who had nominated them?) Sam and Showbiz Simon were voted by viewers to decide who goes up for eviction, and they picked Eileen, Joel and Jack. Jack saved himself, using his third and final immunity pass, and I think this is a good thing. Now he is on equal footing with the rest of the housemates.

Vada brings you the lowdown on the latest nominees and try to predict who will be going. Last week we guessed three of the housemates correctly. 4-1 to us.

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Eileen Daly

As predicted, Eileen faces the public vote again because of her age, which isn’t far in the slightest. I think she deserved to be up, but I think the reasons given are unjust. Her age shouldn’t factor in the slightest; it doesn’t matter. But this meant that Simon could weep in earnest, and that made Big Brother this week. What a drama queen!

What does matter is how much she has changed since entering the house. Eileen doesn’t like Jade at all, for reasons thus far unexplained, which is quite unfair, though this does appear to have changed slightly since the new housemates came.

Eileen is kooky, but her kookiness is an act, I feel, and she is quick to grow irate (seriously, this house loves saying ‘irate’) when something doesn’t go her way. She is causing unnecessary arguments.

Case in point: her spat with Kieron. He did absolutely nothing wrong, in my opinion. I think she’ll probably be safe this week, but I want her to understand and see how much she has changed. Hopefully then she’ll go back to how she was in the first week.


Joel Williams

Joel is hard to read. At only 19 years of age, he seriously needs to let up a little. He is far too serious for someone so young. I get that he is into politics and everything, but is going on Big Brother really the best way to better that career? I think not. Nobody would take a politician seriously (not that anybody particularly does anyway) who had been in Big Brother.

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I don’t think Joel is sure of himself and this is coming across. He hasn’t really done much to make me like or dislike him, but there are bigger personalities in the house and unfortunately Joel isn’t all that entertaining in the long run.

Who goes? YOU decide…

I think it’s a tossup, but I’m predicting that Joel will be the one to go. Eileen is just more entertaining. I think she has more to give, and truthfully I want to see her go to town on Simon’s ass.

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