Big Brother: TimeBomb – Eviction Prediction 7

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As much as I love seeing older housemates, and as much as I love Aisleyne, I am getting a bit fed up of it now. The original housemates are fading into the background. Fair enough, some of them are pretty boring, but it isn’t fair on them and it’s taking the limelight away from them, and we only have two weeks left until the finale of Big Brother, which for some unknown reason is ending g a week earlier than originally planned. After the Hotel BB task, I hope Aisleyne and the rest leave for good. And I hope Jack goes with them!

As always, Vada brings you the lowdown on the nominated housemates and try and predict who’ll be booted out.

Harry Amelia


I say it every week, but Harry really isn’t doing herself any justice. She isn’t getting any better, either. Her relationship with Nick is twisted and creepy and it needs to end, for both of their sakes. Neither are particularly coming across well because of it, but it’s Harry who is coming across the worst. She is moody ALL OF THE TIME, and seems to forget that she is appearing on a television show. She isn’t entertaining anymore, and I’ll be very surprised if she makes the finale.

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Jack McDermott

Get Jack out! Oh, he really didn’t like the boos, did he? Coincidentally I loved them. I loved the look on Jack’s face as he realised once and for all he is no longer the favourite. But has he changed because of it? Well, no. He’s still moody, grumpy, and downright lazy. He and that dressing gown have to go, seriously.

Jack is perhaps the worst housemate in there at the moment. Fair enough, Sam is extremely annoying, but when he said he hated her moments after she left the room was disgusting. He is showing his true colours; he is desperate to win, and he doesn’t care who he stabs in the back to get his crown. Don’t let him public!



I LOVED Marc when he first entered, but then I hated him when Helen turned up. Now that she’s gone, Marc has become a carbon copy of her, perhaps in the hope that it’ll help him to win. He no longer likes affection or hugging (um, what happened to smooching with Sam and going to bed with her?) and he is constantly goading people into having a go at him, whilst feigning ignorance. Danny, if you keep rising to it you may lose your crown.

Marc is playing the ‘I want to go’ card – another surefire win to get the public to save him. He’ll likely make the finale, and he probably still could win, but like last year it would be a travesty.


Big Brother

I bet Sam is no longer #lovinglife, because I certainly am not whilst watching her. I don’t know what it is, but she is extremely grating. That said, she is by no means the worst housemate in the house, or the worst up for eviction this week, but I do think she’ll be in danger here. Annoying people tend to get booted out before controversial housemates, and I think it would be a shame. There are other housemates who could, and should, be evicted before her.

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Who goes? YOU decide…

I think it’s going to be a close call this week. Each and every nominated housemate could be booted – in deed, none of them should realistically make the finale. None of them are safe, but I’m going to predict that it’ll be between Jack and Sam, and hopefully it’ll be Jack who is booted out. I cannot stand him now.

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