Celebrity Big Brother 16: UK vs USA – Initial Impressions

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Celebrity Big Brother: UK vs USA kicked off on Thursday, with a group of nonentities and annoying wannabes – so its basically like any other series of Celebrity Big Brother! This time round though nobody is particularly striking me as a star of the show. I doubt we’ll have another Perez Hilton, unfortunately.

The theme – UK stars pitted against their Stateside counterparts – is likely to grate before long. If my initial reactions about the latest batch of housemates is correct, I may be switching off sooner rather than later … At this point I only like one of them.

Austin Armacost

Austin Armacost (who?) is entering the house to apparently give American gays a better name following Perez Hilton’s infamous stint in the house last year.

Given that he is ONLY famous for dating Marc Jacobs, I can’t see him doing a better job. I hate ‘celebrities’ that are famous simply because they dated somebody else famous.

Chris Ellison

I can imagine Chris being a grumpy old man – and a pervy one, too. Did you see his eyes light up when Jenna and Tila entered? I imagine he’ll fade into the background quite quickly.

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Daniel Baldwin

I don’t care what anyone says – if you’re a so-called celebrity and you go on a reality show like this, it’s because your career is bombing and you want to better yourself. Which is fair enough.

But imagine being part of a famous family of respected (ish) actors, and you’re doing so much worse than them that you have to enter a reality show halfway across the world just to earn some money. The shame of it.

I feel sorry for Daniel. But he’ll probably piss me off before long. He has ‘diva’ written all over him.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah is stunning – but the word ‘slag’ comes to mind instantly. Basically she’s famous for getting pregnant when she was 16, and then she released a couple of sex tapes.

In other words, she’s DESPERATE to be famous. No. I hate her instantly.

Gail Porter

Gail seems sweet enough, but she’ll fade into nothingness soon enough. There is just no way she’ll be able to compete with the bigger personalities, unfortunately.

She may skate through to the final though – simply because people have forgotten she’s there!

James Hill

James LOVES himself. Which would be fair enough, if he was actually nice to look at, but his looks match his personality, and not in a good way. I understand why Alan Sugar fired hime.

Jenna Jameson


Just no.

I have no other words.

Natasha Hamilton

The staple of any reality show is a has-been pop star. Step in Natasha.

She’s hoping her stint in the house will lead to a solo career. Good luck with that one. She’ll release one single, it’ll bomb, and then she’ll pop up on I’m a Celebrity … next year.

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I can imagine her skating through quite fare like Gail, but she’ll be more annoying for it.

Fatman Scoop

The ONLY housemate I like at the moment. Fatman Scoop is loud and crass and the ideal housemate. He’ll either be everybody’s best friend, or he’ll piss them off. I’m hoping for the latter.

After Gary Busey and Perez Hilton, it wouldn’t be Celebrity Big Brother these days without an annoying American. He has the potential to be TV gold.

Sherrie Hewston

Oh, how I hate Sherrie. She pissed me off the moment her voice started on the VT, and I know it’ll only go downhill from here. She is SO annoying; hopefully she’ll be the first to be booted out – along with the majority of the others too. They’re really scraping the barrel this year.

Stevi Ritchie and Chloe Jasmine

Cringe. Cringe. Cringe.

Did I mention that these two are cringeworthy? I literally threw up in my mouth when they were acting all ‘lovey-dovey’ on their VT. Apparently they want to show the world that their relationship isn’t a showmance. Yeah, we believe you.

Tila Tequila 

Who the hell is Tila Tequila? I’d go as far as saying she could quite possibly be the worst housemate this year, except she’s really not. In fact she’s probably one of the better ones, which isn’t saying much. Another nonentity famous for doing fuck all.

Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be watching much of this series…

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