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Despite its last episode airing in 2010, NBC’s Heroes is making a comeback in 2015 – quite why nobody knows. It has been reported that only Jack Coleman’s Noah Bennett will be returning, so expect next-to-no answers to the numerous hanging plot threads from yesteryear and a multitude of new answers posed. No other casting has been announced, but many former cast members have stated they won’t be returning.

Heroes began in 2006 and it was phenomenal. Series one has engaging storylines, mystery and brilliant characters. It was a proper origin story for these super-powered individuals. Out of the main characters in season one only Matt was uninteresting. Isaac in particular was a flawed character with much promise, but he was offed much too soon. Hiro was lovable; the dynamic between Peter and Nathan was riveting; and Niki/Jessica was brilliant. Sylar was introduced this season too, and Zachary Quinto made a creepy villain. His arc in the opening series was powerful stuff.

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Alas, Heroes fell fowl of not plotting things out, and everything post-season one was dire. Season two had glimpses of brilliance – in particular David Anders’ Adam Monroe – but too many new characters were introduced in the shortened season and everything became chaotic.

Heroes was deeply flawed. It rushed through storylines like a speeding bullet without giving satisfying conclusions, and by its third season it became boring to watch. The super villain arc should have been incredible but it wasn’t. Again too many characters were introduced here, and offed just as quickly. It was only Arthur Bishop who showed some promise, but he too was killed too quickly.

Heroes also faltered in making deaths stick. It was scared to lose its cast. Ali Larter’s Niki was sensationally killed off in season two only to be brought back as a twin in the form of Tracy Strauss. Whilst Tracy was brilliant, she was essentially Niki with a new power and an excuse to have her hook up with Nathan again. Likewise Nathan was killed in season three but Sylar was, bizarrely, convinced to morph into him and live as him until the truth manifested in season four. Perhaps it all needs a re-watch after so much passed time, but upon its airing this all felt contrived. Why kill off characters if you’re not going to make the deaths permanent?

All of this aside, Heroes was perfect escapist television – even if most of it is boring. Persevere because some episodes are gems. I know many will be watching Heroes: Reborn in order to catch up on their favourite characters but I wouldn’t hold your breath. So long as they are referenced, that’ll be good enough for me. Reborn is either going to be brilliant or terrible.


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