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‘Binge TV’ is exactly what it says on the tin. TV perfect for binging on. This week Vada brings you The Inbetweeners – it’s something we’ve all likely binged on in the past (after all, it’s repeated on E4 EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.) but what better reason to binge than the new film? 

The Inbetweeners 2 comes to cinemas later this week after the runaway success of The Inbetweeners Movie in 2011. It’s hard not to love these characters. The show celebrated three equally strong series between 2008 and 2010 and successfully managed to transcend onto the big screen – which is rather hard to do.

To celebrate the release of the latest (and hopefully not the last) movie in the series, Vada brings you our top 5 episodes.

5. The Fashion Show



 That is what ‘The Fashion Show’ is always remembered for – the accidental exposure of Simon’s hairy ballsack swinging freely as he struts his stuff on the runway, thinking he is the bee’s knees. It was a moment that somehow managed to outshine Simon’s previous shocking nudity in series 2’s ‘The Field Trip’ and one which will forever be remembered. This episode also presented us with Will’s narcissistic attitude in terms of popularity, Jay’s desperation to get on the runway leading to him getting an infected piercing and Neil’s stupidly thinking he’ll get to help the female models change whilst fighting the advances of ‘Paedo-Kennedy’ once more. All of them brought laughs, but it’s Simon’s bollocks which are remembered most fondly, weirdly enough.

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4. Exam Time


 What do you get if you cross an inordinate amount of energy drinks, no sleep, and stressful revision sessions?

Why you shit yourself in the middle of an exam of course. It’s something we have all probably dreaded happening and yet it managed to happen to Will. It’s a moment of pure comedy gold – Will desperately calls Phil’s name who simply looks disgustedly at Will. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? Simon once more tries to pull Carli and focuses more upon her revision than his own; Jay forgets his own revision as he gets a girlfriend and begins stalking her; and Neil revises for his exams by playing football video games and building a shelf. This episode also features one of the greatest lines to feature in The Inbetweeners:

Simon: That bag’s got his shitty clothes in it. No one brings a bag of shit to a pub.

Jay: Your dad does.

Simon: Does he?

Jay: Yeah. Your mum.

3. A Night Out In London


We’ve all felt like a bus-wanker at some point in our lives. And this episode coined the term.

A trip to London (in yet another attempt to cop off with Carli) see’s Simon trading shoes with a pissy tramp, Neil cutting his bellend on a beer can, Will believing he has a date with yet another hot lass and Jay insulting the nation. It’s an incredibly awkward encounter and one which still brings raucous laughter even on repeated viewings. 

2. Bunk Off



NOUN: a cross between a bummer and a bender

‘What’s he going to knock up – a closet for you to hide in? You BUMDER’

You can’t help but laugh at this. Will insults Neil’s dad by creating the term ‘bumder’ whilst drunkenly ranting at him. It’s a laugh-out-loud moment and perhaps THE moment that shines out for most of The Inbetweeners fans. This episode sees the boys get drunk, Will buying gin and posh crisps rather than lager, Simon drunkenly vomiting on Carli’s younger brother in (yes, you guessed it) ANOTHER attempt to hook up with her and the boys hitting a disabled girl in the face with a Frisbee. It’s an incredibly crude moment but if you like crude humour you’ll love this episode.

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1. Home Alone


“Hello. This is for Polly… MILF-Kenzie.”

The boys are home alone, Neil shits out a poo and Will is taken on a pussy patrol. This episode has several standout moments – from Jay’s faceoff with the squirrel to Jay and Neil vandalising a flower display so that it reads “WE CUM TIT VILLAGE.” The highlight however (aside from Gilbert’s threat of wooing Will’s mum) has to be the boys playing golf with randomers daffodils. In their hungover state the boys ignore the mans angry rants, attack an old lady, and enjoy some toast. This is The Inbetweeners at its best: slick, outrageous humour.


The Inbetweeners is loved by all ages – including my mother. If you haven’t already caught the bug for this show (or even if you have) switch off your brain, settle down, and have a well-deserved laugh.

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