Captain Janeway: There’s personal fulfilment in that nebula

Sid Law

In the last six months social media has seen an explosion in the use of Captain Janeway reaction GIFs. But did you know that some of these GIFs contain more than just a sass-back response to your friends? They contain wisdom.

So I give to you: the five-quote Captain Janeway plan. (Or Janeplan for short.)

Yes, you heard me right. This is a self-help plan completely derived by quotes from Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager.  I’m going to list five quotes from the Borg botherer herself, and unpack them into something you can understand and then apply to your own life. Ready? Engage!

Quote 1: There’s coffee in that nebula


Now, this might be the most famous line uttered in the whole of Star Trek: Voyager, but more importantly than that it’s the foundation of the Janeplan. Because on one hand, yes, this is a quote about Voyager’s energy shortage and Janeway’s quest for enough power to replicate a cup of coffee. But on the other hand – it’s a mantra for your entire being.

We all have goals in life, whether they’re spirtual, romantic, financial, personal, or even a pot of coffee. Those goals aren’t always in plain sight, and even when you feel like you can’t see how you’re going to achieve them, you still have to believe it’s possible. Because that nebula is foggy. And you might not see that coffee. Those coffee goals in that nebula fog.

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Quote 2: …I don’t like you, Culluh.


You don’t have to the stranded in the Delta Quadrant to be oppressed by the Kazon. Well, I suppose technically you do, but not in the Janeplan. Because we’ve all come across our own Culluh at some point, the person or people who hold us back from doing what we want and achieving our goals.

This quote simply reminds you to never allow Culluh to bully, threaten or stand in the way of those goals. Not in any particular way, but just don’t let them. And even if you do let them, hey, Culluh was only in five episodes. So he won’t be around too long.

Quote 3: Weird is part of the job


Like Starfleet Officers, we’re bound to come up against obstacles in our life. Especially ones that we’re uncomfortable with and that stand in the way of our goals. (You’ll notice we talk about goals a lot in the Janeplan.) This is unavoidable, and rather than let this deter you, be prepared to expect the unexpected. That way, you’ll be ready for anything.

Quote 4: At ease


Calm down and be at ease. Before yes, you sprain something. This might sound simple, but it’s often very difficult to step back and analyse situations in life. This quote is about being aware of who you are as a person, and how you perceived by others in the matrix that is life. Take control of your destiny.

Quote 5: …mute voice warnings


This one speaks for itself.

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Now, with this knowledge, you should be able to tackle your daily life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and vigour. It might not be immediately obvious how you can apply the Janeplan to you’re own situation, but if you want it enough, it’ll happen. And if not, well you’ve got five new GIFs to play with.

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