Celebrity Big Brother 14: The Finalists

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Wednesday (August 10) saw the double eviction of Lauren Goodger and Ricci Guarnaccio to leave only six finalists vying for the winner position. In anticipation of the grand finale tonight (August 12), we take a look at the remaining housemates and predict the outcome of Celebrity Big Brother 14.

Audley Harrison

Number of nominations: 6

Eviction prediction: First

For the most part Audley has remained a pacified housemate staying well out of the way of trouble. Which is quite a feat, considering the amount of arguments that have occurred in the house this series. Audley has had to deal with coming to terms with Kellie’s new appearance, ample insults from James, and cooking with basic rations from the onset, but he has remained calm and collected throughout. He is a firm friend to the majority of those remaining, and he is even an advocate for Gary, despite his many apparent faults. As such Audley deserves to win, even if it’s just because of the fact that he alone out of thirteen other housemates can put up with Gary’s annoying ways.

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Dee Kelly

Number of nominations: 1

Eviction prediction: Third

Taking Dee solely as a housemate and disregarding why she is apparently famous, she makes for good viewing. But it is hard to forget why and how she first came into the public eye, and as such our opinion of her will forever be slightly sour. Throughout her time in the house Dee has been a should to cry on for Kellie, has argued numerous times with Gary (but then again, who hasn’t?) and has seemingly fostered both Ricci and Lauren. She seems to have a large fan base out of the house so expect her to come in the top three, but if she wins it will be a travesty.

Edele Lynch

Number of nominations: 5

Eviction prediction: sixth

For the first 17 days Edele did nothing. Literally NOTHING. Then she got nominated. Then she walked into the pool fully clothed. That is the full extent of her time in the house. Edele is a boring housemate who brings absolutely nothing to the table. There’s always a boring housemate that somehow makes it to the finale despite doing nothing throughout their time in the house and Edele is this years. She doesn’t deserve to be in the final and nor does she deserve to win. Expect her to be evicted first.

Gary Busey

Number of nominations: 24

Eviction prediction: second

Gary would be the WORST housemate to live with. Ever. But he makes for brilliant viewing. From shooting people down who talk over him, to towelling himself off completely starkers in the bathroom whilst James and Audley argue, Gary has been a brilliant housemate. His standout scene just has to be when he bizarrely pulled his trousers down and exposed his bare arse while readjusting his knee bandage. Most of what he says goes over our head and the rest we can barely understand, but Gary is brilliant and completely deserving of his of his place in the finale. He’ll likely win, but we want Audley to triumph overall. 

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George Gilbey

Number of nominations: fourth

Eviction prediction: 3

Gogglebox’s George is rather overrated. He is funny, yes, but his romance/friendship with Stephanie began to grate halfway through her time in the house. He’s been involved in a few arguments of late with Lauren and Gary and he is generally becoming more and more annoying the longer he remains in the house. There are worse housemates in the Big Brother house than him but there are others so much more worthy of winning than him. 

James Jordan

Number of nominations: 5

Eviction prediction: fifth

James is a bitch with a capital B. But he is similarly brilliant to watch. The amount of arguments that James has caused, or been involved in is massive, but this series of Celebrity Big Brother wouldn’t have been the same without him. Despite saying ‘I am a good person’ around 100 times a day, James really isn’t a good person at all. He’s a brilliantly entertaining housemate, but a massive prick at the same time. Edele will only be evicted before him because she’s boring, but the Brad Pitt of Ballroom Dancing will follow her quickly out.

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