Cher Lloyd, Hated in Britain, Loved in America.

James Dix

Cher Lloyd’s new single with T.I was leaked ahead of its 31st August US release. Has Cher Lloyd ditched Britain?


When Cher Lloyd swagged into the charts after coming forth in the X-Factor, her first single Swagger Jagger divided the nation with its mix of pop and dub.

In 2012, Lloyd performed at V Festival. A Bad reaction to her music caused audience members to throw bottles of urine at her. Cher left the stage early.

Since then she has broken through into the American music industry. Lloyd’s UK image was that of the alternative girl on the X Factor who sang Posner’s Cooler than me.

She was the kind of girl to put Dub on the Track.

Nowadays, she has become a very different girl. She is happy to wear a pink bikini, fake tan and pretend to be an American teenage school girl.

In her video for Oath featuring Becky G, you can see all of these horrendous transformations. Since when did she need another girl to rap for her?

Cher Lloyd seems to want to ditch anything that reminds her of the UK.

She remade her music videos for singles Want U Back and With Ur Love.  Despite the fact the European version of Want U Back featured US rapper Astro. Astro was a contestant on the American X Factor.

Lloyd did what her mentor Cheryl Cole was unable to do and broke into the American music industry. Cole was sacked from the American version of X Factor.

Speaking of X-Factor, Cher Lloyd teamed-up with judge Demi Lovato on her new album Demi. The song is called Really Don’t Care and Lloyd’s rap sounds like she wants to happy slap an ex.

“I just wanna laugh, cause you tryna be a hipster

Kick it to the curb, take a Polaroid picture”

At least she still has attitude.

This girl seems to be able to collaborate with anyone. Lloyd can be heard in Sean Kingston’s Rum and Raybans video. She might not be in the video, but Chris Brown is, logic at its best.

Now Cher Lloyd is back with new single I Wish featuring T.I. There might not be any sign of a music video or UK release date yet, but the track can be found on YouTube.

The song is distinctly in her style and fans should be pleased both here and across the pond.

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