Coming soon: Drag S.O.S. on Channel 4

Adam Lowe

Channel 4 has commissioned Summer Films to unleash Britain’s inner drag.

In a new 6-part series, titled Drag SOS, The Family Gorgeous, one of the UK’s most fabulous drag collectives will embark on their first ever glamorous national road trip. Their aim? To help ordinary Brits go on a voyage of self -discovery as they transform into a bigger, better, drag-enhanced versions of themselves.

Founded by funny, outrageous and razor-sharp drag queens Cheddar Gorgeous and Anna Phylactic, the group live in Manchester where they host the monthly Cha Cha Boudoir. There they invite tentative guests to their drag lab to teach them how to unleash their inner diva – how to dress, make up and inhabit their drag alter ego, before delivering their very own stunning lip sync performance in front of an audience.

Now the family take their drag lab on the road offering their services to local communities all over the land. Travelling as a family in their unmissable drag bus they will make quite an entrance – whether in Ipswich, Scarborough, Dover or Dudley – before offering to work their professional magic on those who dare to step forward and find their hidden drag potential. And it’s not just appearance they transform, the Family Gorgeous believe they can bring out bigger, bolder and braver versions of everyone they work with.

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Head of the family Cheddar is a university anthropologist by day, drag queen by night. He trained to be a social worker and believes everybody can benefit from drag. “Whether you’re male, female, straight or gay, old or young, drag is all about finding your most glamorous route to self-confidence. We all have a past, our own stories and drag is the most fabulous way to celebrate ourselves. People have come to us for all kinds of reasons, from bereavement to poor body image, drag is all about establishing identity and putting it centre stage.”

Executive Producer Lucy Hillman said: “At a time when Britain feels divided and uncertain about its future, what better tonic than the Family Gorgeous? Can tolerance, camaraderie and a generous splash of glitter be just what we all need?”

Documentaries Commissioning Editor Alisa Pomeroy added: “It’s exciting to have The Family Gorgeous as brand new talent on Channel 4. Drag has become incredibly popular with the younger generation and it has increasingly become a way for individuals to explore their identity. We eagerly await the troupe’s first UK tour.”

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