Caption Competition – Merlin: The Complete Collection

Roy Ward

The BBC’s hit fantasy show Merlin sadly came to an end last Christmas, after 5 seasons of magic, swashbuckling swordplay and just a touch of homoeroticism. It made stars of Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Bradley James (Arthur), plus featured a host of acting legends like Richard Wilson, Anthony Stewart Head and John Hurt, and showcased special effects that put some Hollywood productions to shame.

Last week we announced our competition to win a copy of the complete Merlin Boxset, and asked you to come up with your best caption for this picture from the series:

Cher’s anti-ageing secrets exposed in centuries old photo.


And the winner is……Matt Gavin! Congratulations, your copy of the boxset will be on its way to you with the shake of a dragon’s tail!

Special mention also goes to Reuben Faulkner for his delightfully vulgar contribution and everyone else that went for the obvious homoeroticism we knew was coming.

Merlin Complete 3D_LOW


Merlin: The Complete Collection is out now – check it out on Amazon UK.

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